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Why do vegans add meat back to their diets?

During her 20 years as a vegan, Lierre Keith’s health got worse. After adding meat back to her diet, she felt rejuvenated and condemned the vegan diet in her book, "The Vegetarian Myth". My heart sinks when I hear stories like this. But there's a reason vegans fail.

Without the right game plan for meeting your nutritional needs, a plant based diet has real pitfalls. That's why Lierre, and others like her, develop health problems.

Getting these nutrients on a plant based diet is entirely possible (it's what we teach in the Mastery Program)!

But you can't go about it "willy nilly" (i.e. haphazardly). Here are two reasons why:

1) Only 10% - 20% of the iron in vegan foods is absorbed by your body (vs. the "heme" iron in meat and fish). 

2) The beta carotene in plant foods is only 1/12 as potent as animal-based Vitamin A.

Fortunately, our research uncovered "magic" food combinations that multiply the iron you absorb, and the Vitamin A you produce from beta carotene foods. And you'll learn all about them in Lessons 7 and 13 of The Vegan Mastery Program.

But iron and Vitamin A are just two of the nutrients that are harder to find -- or absorb -- from plant foods. Others are calcium, DHA fatty acids, and Vitamin B12 and D. That’s why we created The Vegan Mastery Program.

"The Mastery Program has been well worth the price, and has provided a tremendous boost to my health as attested by my lab results; it's helped me lose the descriptor 'diabetic'. Being vegetarian is now much easier than the daunting task I thought it would be; your lessons help make it an enjoyable experience."

– Judith A. Becker, Saint Cloud, FL

Why remain vulnerable to vitamin or mineral deficiencies when you can find out exactly how to eat and absorb enough calcium, iron, Omega 3s, and Vitamins A, B12, and D?

Just one oversight or deficiency – if ignored for too long – can leave you vulnerable to disease, and potentially thousands in doctor or dental bills. Why take that gamble when you can thrive on a vegan diet now and for the rest of your life?

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