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"Here’s How To Stay Slim And Vibrant Permanently –– Without Hunger – Eating Delicious Whole Food Meals That Rejuvenate Your Body, Instead of Processed 'Diet' Foods That Age You!"

Are you tired of "quick fix" diets that don't last? Would you love a lasting way to look great, feel vital, and bounce out of bed each morning ready to conquer the world?

If so, you're about to discover the only sustainable way to have a great figure – without hunger, deprivation, boring meals, or expensive pills or shakes.

--- Cecilia Kinzie, The Vegetarian Health Institute

Dear Friend,

If you're like most people who go “on” a diet, you eventually go “off” the diet. Then you gain back the weight you lost and sometimes more. You feel like a failure. You feel frustrated, depressed, and guilty.

You think “What’s the use?” and beat yourself up. But it’s not your fault. The problem is simple: diets aren’t sustainable. Why not?

  • You feel deprived, starved, or hungry after meals…
  • You have to eat unhealthy frozen dinners or shakes loaded with artificial ingredients, some of which increase your risk of cancer...
  • You have to buy expensive pills, powders, or supplements...
  • You have to eat dull, boring, strict or complicated meals…
  • You have to count calories, carbs or points…

Here’s the solution in three steps:

  • Stop eating high-calorie processed foods made with unhealthy fats, sweeteners, fillers, and white flour.
  • Start cooking easy, delicious whole food meals that fill you up with 40% fewer calories (so you never feel hungry).
  • Prepare these foods with herbs and spices that’ll wow your taste buds, improve your circulation, and heal your body in many other ways.

This is the only lasting way to get rid of stubborn belly fat and cellulite, and keep it off forever. (And feel amazing in your favorite swim suit, to boot!)

It’s also affordable. And it enhances your health instead of jeopardizing it.

Many people who eat this way find that it eliminates their chronic health problems – without drugs. For example, they typically have radiant, youthful skin, and feel great all day without caffeine or sugar. They don’t have debilitating sugar crashes.

It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve lost weight and gained it back. Eating this way, you can truly stay fit forever. You’ll never again feel insecure, embarrassed, or ashamed of your weight. You’ll be able to:

  • Return to your natural body weight and own it without apology
  • Fit into the clothing you wore when you were slimmer
  • Feel sexy and confident in whatever you wear… even naked
  • Feel comfortable in your own skin
  • Turn your partner on like you used to
  • Have the love life you deserve

But how can whole can foods help you lose weight and keep it off? Read on and discover how right now.


Cecilia Kinzie

"I have more energy and feel younger; it’s like reversing the clock!"

“I'm almost 55 as I write this – the same age my mother was when she died of cancer over 20 years ago.

I was unhappy with the "curse" that's put on women over 50, of slow decline, weight gain, and general frumpiness. It was starting to happen to me. As my middle got thicker, and my clothes baggier, I began to lose sight of myself (and my shoes). I was afraid for my health. It was so frustrating.


Kim Miles, Taos, NM

"Surprised at how satisfying the food is; I dropped 51 pounds in 8 months"

“On January 7th, 2012, I weighed 214.5 pounds. I could tell that my body was full of toxins. It took me an hour and a half to wake up in the morning. And during the night I woke up in pain because some body part had fallen asleep. I was scared.

Although I ate salads at lunch most days, and had cut fast food and soda out of my diet, I was still drinking Lattes and eating a lot of meat and dairy, as well as the more than occasional pastry. So on January 7th, I began this new journey with my diet. I am surprised at how satisfying the food is.


Lanette Ferguson, Pleasanton, CA


Whole Food Advantage #1: You Fill Up With Fewer Calories

Whole foods contain more fiber, bulk, and water than refined foods. So you can eat them until you're full, but still consume fewer calories – about 40% fewer calories! To demonstrate, here are two examples:

30 Ruffles potato chips: 400 calories
1 baked potato: 145 calories

1 bagel: 364 calories
1 cup of quinoa: 222 calories

Quinoa is a high-protein grain that cooks in 20 minutes, and can be eaten as a hot cereal for breakfast. Flour products – like bagels – are usually eaten with fatty foods, making matters even worse. For example, 3 tablespoons of cream cheese adds another 148 calories to the above bagel.

When you switch to whole foods like potatoes and quinoa...

  • You fill up on fewer calories...
  • You can easily burn more calories than you eat...
  • You get plenty of fiber, whereas processed foods have little or none...


"At 72, I can still climb hills, stoop down, and walk very briskly."

“I used to breathe short because I was so overweight. I was often tired and got sick with acid problems and other minor health issues. I took over-the-counter remedies regularly. I also had to wear reading glasses to use the computer.

Once I started eating this way, I lost 36 pounds in ten months. I have remained healthy for more than 22 years. I have a lot of energy. And I no longer need reading glasses at the computer.


–Abigail Taylor, Baseterre, St.Kitts/Nevis



Advantage #2: You Get More Nutrition Per Calorie

Whole Foods Market™ recently adapted Dr. Joel Fuhrman's nutrient scoring system. Dr. Fuhrman -- regarded as one of America's leading nutritional experts -- analyzed food groups and ranked them on a scale of 0-100, based on their ratio of nutrients to calories. He calls this ratio “nutrient density”. The more nutrition per calorie, the higher a food will score. Take a look:

Dr. Fuhrman's Micronutrient Scores


As you can see, vegetables, fruits, beans and whole grains have the highest scores (i.e. the best ratios of nutrients to calories). To really get this point across, let’s use an analogy.

Imagine that you’ve just won a shopping spree in a store that sells precious metals and diamonds. But you can only take what fits inside a small briefcase. Would you fill it with copper and lead? Or would you fill it with diamonds, platinum, and gold?

It’s a silly question, right? Obviously, the diamonds, platinum, and gold have more value. Well guess what?

Vegetables, fruits, beans, and whole grains are the diamonds, platinum, and gold of your diet. They give you the most nutritional value per calorie. That’s why they have the highest nutrient density scores.

By contrast, refined oils and grains are like copper and lead. They make you carry extra weight, but they give your body little value in return. They fatten you up while cheating you of the nutrients in their whole food counterparts.

So you wind up tired, deficient, and plagued by chronic health problems.

Animal foods aren’t quite as bad. But with scores ranging from 3 to 15, they’re not the best foods for losing weight or maintaining a great figure. They contain too many calories... and too little nutrition per calorie.

Advantage #3: You're Less Vulnerable To Disease

A diet emphasizing vegetables, fruits, beans, and whole grains...

  • Has NO saturated fat or cholesterol…
  • Reduces your blood pressure and cholesterol…
  • Reduces your risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and osteoporosis…
  • Fills you up and satiates your hunger with 40% less calories than you eat now…


"Lost 65 pounds so far… Being able to keep up with my grandkids is a huge reward."

“Until a year ago, I had rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, severe pain all through my body, and horrible bone spurs in both heels. I also had high blood pressure and was on blood pressure medicine.

I couldn't sleep, had no energy, and was sick every other month or so with lung issues. I had asthma and had to use an inhaler and nebulizer regularly. I constantly had bronchitis and pneumonia, and I'd been taking steroids and breathing treatments for years.


– Cindy Nunez, Battle Mountain, NV

"Walking was painful… but within two months the pains were gone."

I used to have pains in my right thigh and both feet that kept me from living a normal life. Walking was painful so I only walked when I had to. I believe the pain was caused by the sheer weight of my upper body combined with lack of nourishing nutrients.

My energy was low. I missed being able to take walks. I was unhappy with how I looked and felt. I also felt isolated and did not seek a normal social life. And because of my poor diet, I had to have my gall bladder removed."


Hannah Inge Sorensen, Mumbai, Maharastra, India

By now, I hope you’re convinced of the benefits. But without menu plans, recipes, and grocery lists that make it super easy, any of these hurdles can hold you back:

  • You don’t know how to get started…
  • You’re not familiar with foods like quinoa, millet, tempeh, or kale…
  • You’re afraid of being bored by the same meals over and over again…
  • You’re afraid of complex, time-consuming recipes…
  • You’re afraid vegetables will spoil before you use them…


Without a Step-By-Step Plan, It Can Be Hard To Give Up
Comfort Foods And Get The Hang Of A Healthier Cuisine

That’s why you’ll love our groundbreaking new 90 day program, Naturally Fit Forever. It transforms you into a kitchen wiz who can quickly season, marinate, slice, and dice whole foods into mouth-watering meals you'll love. (And if you have a family, they'll love it too.) The program is simple:

  1. Each week for 13 weeks, you get a menu plan, grocery list and delicious gluten-free, lactose-free recipes. You also get a make-ahead list. So each weekend, you can prepare for the coming week.

  2. You make one visit to the grocery store and buy the ingredients for that week.

  3. You whip up meals fast. Breakfast recipes can be made within 10 minutes and dinner recipes can be made within 30 minutes (not including simmering time).

  4. You fill yourself up on large portions. That’s because whole foods have more fiber, bulk, and water. So you can fill up with 40% less calories than you eat now.

Most recipes are seasoned with rejuvenating herbs and spices that´ll wow your taste buds and curb your cravings for sweets. You also get recipes for delicious chutneys and fat-free dressings that you can whip at the beginning of each week. Use these to flavor your meals throughout the week.

Best of all, if you're not thrilled during your trial period, you can cancel and pay nothing.

Click below to listen to Gail tell her story.

"WOW this tastes good and it’s good for me too… Lost 45 pounds in 6 months"

"In February 2012 I was a mess, health wise and mind wise. My weight had peaked to 290 pounds. I had degenerative muscle disease and fibromyalgia. I was feeling poorly and taking a lot of pain meds. I couldn't get out of bed. Exercise was almost impossible. There was no quality of life. I finally decided 'I can't do this anymore'.

I've never been able to stick to a diet because I had to sacrifice flavor and taste. I'm a cook by nature. So when I started Naturally Fit Forever, I was completely amazed and overjoyed at - WOW - this tastes good and it's good for me too. And the results have been amazing for me.


– Gail Hosking, 48 year old mom from Windsor, Ontario

Here's What You Avoid

  • No writing things down.
  • No feeling deprived, starved, or hungry after meals.
  • No repetitive, dull, or boring meals.
  • No expensive pills, powders, or processed foods.
  • No unhealthy processed foods.
  • No laborious recipes or obscure ingredients.
  • No counting calories, carbs, or points.
  • No guesswork. You´ll know exactly what ingredients to buy and what recipes to make.

Who designed the menu plans?

These menu plans were designed by Deepa Deshmukh, a Registered Dietitian who holds certificates in Adult and Pediatric Weight Management. She's also a Certified Diabetes Educator. Her recommendations are based on the principles of the ancient "Ayurvedic System of Medicine". Her recipes blend eastern and western principles of nutrition to achieve optimal health.

To see the first week's menu plan, click here now. To see the first week's grocery list, click here now. Or to see the first week's nutritional analysis, click here now. (You will receive the first week's recipes once you sign up!)


"Lost 20 pounds in 8 weeks… more energy, fewer aches and pains"

“I like the Naturally Fit Forever program because do the thinking and planning for me. You have gathered all the information I need for a healthy way of eating and put it in one place.

I save money on groceries. And I've lost about 20 pounds in just over 8 weeks. The most gratifying change, however, has been in the way I feel: more energy, fewer aches and pains, and an abundance of happiness in knowing that I'm making good choices.”

– Kim Midboe, Grass Valley CA

"The recipes are easy, fast and very tasty; the grocery list helped lower my weekly food bill."

“I love this menu program. The recipes are easy, fast, and very tasty. I also like the grocery list. It makes shopping so much nicer. You are able to focus on only what you will really need and you are not tempted to put extras in the cart. It has actually helped lower my weekly food bill and I've lost a few pounds too. Now that's worth talking about!"

– Patsy McCutcheon, Olanta, SC

"Saved money and time… Very good way to eat healthy and still be lazy"

“I have saved so much money and time on this new way of eating. I have gained more energy and I'm sure if I stay on this way of eating, my health will improve immensely. I love the recipes. This is a very good way to eat healthy and still be lazy.”

– Wendy Hoffman, Calgary, Alberta

"Within 2 days I felt lighter and tighter… I have already saved money"

“Within 2 days I felt lighter and tighter. I noticed an instant weight/puffiness loss. Having the shopping list and make-ahead list help a great deal in getting organized for the week.

I have already saved money because I am not purchasing lunch or snacks on the go, I have a menu plan, and the ingredients for the rest of the week are already chopped and measured! Description: :-)

–Jennifer Boyd, Chilliwakc, British Columbia

Naturally Fit Forever: Silver Package

If you order Naturally Fit Forever by itself, we call that the "Bronze package". We also offer a Silver Package giving you everything above, plus two companion products:

  1. “Willpower Made Easy”… a groundbreaking program created by our psychologist. It shows you how to overcome cravings, blame, shame, guilt, and emotional eating.

  2. “Fit Forever In 30 Minutes”… Weekly fitness videos with our Certified Personal Trainer. You’ll learn how to get a complete fat-burning, bone-strengthening workout in 30 minutes– using your natural body weight and a set of dumbbells.

Silver Companion Product #1: Willpower Made Easy

Have you tried eating healthier before, but been sabotaged by cravings or emotional eating?  Did you reward for working so hard – by eating fattening comfort foods?

Was there an ongoing battle between your inner child ("I deserve it") and your inner parent ("You can't have that.") If so, Willpower Made Easy is for you.

Each week for the next 3 months, you’ll receive a short practice guide containing:

  • An overview of that week’s issue using humor and real examples.
  • A technique to address the issue head on (affirmations, visualization exercises, bullet point do’s and don’ts, and self-love guides).
  • An easy “practice guide” for that week, usually including a one sentence quote or affirmation.
"Showed me how to leave the hurt behind."

“I'm shedding tears but wanted to thank you. I didn't realize how much hurt and resentment I have been carrying. You’ve showed me how to leave the hurt behind so it does NOT continue to steal my joy and energy, or sabotage my desire for a healthy today and a healthy future.

Thank you for explaining that forgiveness does not equate to condoning behaviors and/or experiences. Thank you for giving me hope.

– Kathleen Wilson, Bowie, MD

Most weeks include a downloadable audio. Here are the 13 weekly practice guides:

Welcome To A New You! 5 Tips To Lock In Success From The Very Start. Create a compelling future, schedule rewards that motivate you, become bulletproof to unwanted temptations, and create an “A” team of supporters to hold you accountable to your goals.
Get Shame, Blame And Guilt Out Of Your Closet. Carrying shame, blame, or guilt can lead you to binge, starve yourself, eat in secret, or give up on your goals. It can make you too embarrassed to work out. Discover effective self-talk secrets that’ll lift these weights from your shoulders, and empower you to reach your goals in record time.
Be Bulletproof To Unsupportive Friends And Relatives (The Key Phrase That Frees You Once And For All!) When you eat differently, do you get judged, criticized, or challenged by others? Are you afraid of being an oddball, being isolated or ridiculed? Discover how to maintain your relationships while staying on track with your health and fitness plan. Learn how to let other people’s criticism, disbelief and negativity roll off your back.
How To Keep Cravings From Getting The Best of You, And What To Do Instead Of Eating. Do you get hungry between meals, crave unhealthy sweets and fats, or give into late night snacking? Learn to distinguish your emotional cravings from your body’s need for fuel. Then you can unlearn the habit of using food for comfort, stop being vulnerable to cravings, and stick with your food and fitness plan.
It’s Not Your Fault: The Role Of Forgiveness In Overcoming Barriers To Success. When When you hold onto anger, resentment, or grudges, it leads to emotional eating. Food becomes a way to comfort your emotions. You’ll learn to forgive others and release resentment. You’ll also learn to forgive yourself when you get off track with your diet or fitness plan.
Are You Loving You Yet? How Self Love Will Catapult Your Progress. If you judge your body, feel inadequate, or have a negative self image, you may not think you deserve success. So you procrastinate and beat yourself up for not eating better, or not having the perfect body. Learn to quiet your inner critic, have compassion for yourself, and love yourself as you are. Renew your self esteem and radiate self confidence.
Half-Way There: Recognize The Signposts Of Success, Tips To Adjust And Increase Your Results. Now it’s time to list the progress you’ve made so far, identify what processes and strategies are working for you, and what you need to do differently. Then you can identify the fastest route to your goals and plan new rewards.
When Self-Sabotage Hits: How To Meet It Head On And Win. Does the smell of fresh baked bread sabotage your willpower? Do you get discouraged when a weekend off puts ALL the weight back on… or worse, when you stick to your diet and see no results? Learn how to forgive yourself and get back on track after slipping up.  Learn to overcome limiting beliefs that sabotage your resolution to be healthy.
Be At Choice; Learn To Say No With Love. When you’re a guest in someone else’s home, do you eat unhealthy foods just to be polite? When your family demands that you make separate (unhealthy) meals for them, does it feel like a “no win” situation? Learn to say “No” lovingly and without guilt. Learn to put yourself first and feel good about it.
Overcome Stress At Home And Work. When you’re stressed, worried, or upset, it’s normal to turn to unhealthy food for comfort, solace, or company. Comfort food pacifies your emotions, and helps you feel included and “normal”.  Discover how to stay calm and grounded in the face of emotional turbulence, so stress never drives you to binge or break down.
Refocus Your Intention: Building Confidence In The New You. Do you feel insecure without your favorite foods? Does having an imperfect body make you feel self-conscious or insecure? Does eating differently? Learn to build your self esteem and radiate self confidence.
Gratitude: Your Lifelong Companion For Keeping What You Have and Getting More. When you feel unsatisfied, helpless, or sorry for yourself, you turn to food for comfort. Learn to replace negative thoughts with gratitude and shift from a “lack” mentality to an abundance mentality. Once you appreciate how good you have it, you won’t fall victim to emotional eating anymore.
New Beginnings: Anchoring Lifestyle Changes With New Goals, Continued Confidence And Celebration! Learn to continue your new habits and remain powerful for the rest of your life.

Who Designed Willpower Made Easy?

Dr. Felicia Williams has a PhD in Psychology. For over 20 years, she’s been helping single women build lasting primary relationships, and helping couples create passion, communication and joy. She has a lifetime of experience with weight loss and different food and exercise plans, including years as a vegetarian. So she understands firsthand the feelings and emotional struggles that come with wanting to look good, feel good and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.


Silver Companion Product #2: “Fit Forever In 30 Minutes”…

Most people do the same routine every time they exercise. What’s wrong with that?

When you flex the same muscles the same way every time you workout, your body recognizes it as a “routine”. It becomes more efficient and hits a plateau. So you see diminished returns.

By contrast, when you challenge your body with different exercises each week, you burn more calories and get more overall benefit. That’s why we created “Fit Forever In 30 Minutes”.

Each week for the first four weeks, this series of fitness videos shows you a new exercise circuit. After the first four weeks, you can rotate through those four circuits.


Who designed these fitness routines?

These routines were designed by Maria Stevens, a Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Lifestyle Weight Management Coach. Maria rode for a Division One school and went to the U.S. national team for a year.

However, due to incorrect form, she suffered from three herniated disks and had back surgery and knee surgery.

Because of this, she has a complete understanding of what it takes to protect your joints. She’s uniquely qualified to teach you how to lose weight and strengthen your bones and core muscles SAFELY, so you don’t injure yourself.

You’ll be shown all of the common mistakes people make, and how to avoid them. For example, many people do pushups poorly. So Maria shows you how to rest your weight on your knees instead of your feet. She also gives you safety tips like these:

V-lunges:                                 “If this hurts your knees, don’t go down as far.”
Leg Lifts:                                 “If this is too hard, bend your knees.
Sumo dead lift high pulls:      “If your back starts to round, then only go halfway down.”

You can watch the video below for an example of this:

player failed to load ...

Maria doesn’t just demonstrate the exercises, leaving you to your own devices. Each week, she does the first set together with you. At the end of each video, you can replay it to watch her while doing your second or third set. You’ll also get to see each exercise from two different camera angles.

"Maria had faith in my ability when I didn’t."

“Maria had faith in my ability when I didn’t. She saw my potential when I had forgotten and failed to do so… Look at the before and after pictures. The only difference between those two photos is Maria. And her amazing ability to get people up and moving and seeing the results.

I would never have achieved that without her. It was nearly always fun and it was and still is so well worth it. Maria changed my life, and I am a walking testimonial, a happy confident one, to her skill, dedication and perseverance as a trainer.”

Jane Perneel, Ireland

"A true teacher who treats her students like adults."

“As a dancer/teacher and body worker, I find most exercise videos at best annoying, or worse ill-informed and downright dangerous. What a relief to find your trainer, Maria. In short, an athlete – not a grinning, hopped-up cheerleader. I love her reserve. She has something worthy to impart and compromises neither her message nor herself. A true teacher who treats her students like adults.

Your psychologist is equally impressive. No nonsense but compassionate. Her personal history is a huge plus. One does get tired of skinny people giving advice on overeating. It helps to have been there.”

Chris Dahl, Fort Jones CA

Once You Get The Hang Of It, Cooking And
Eating This Way Becomes Second Nature!

Eager to get started? You can click here now to skip the frequently asked questions.

Do I have to eat this way forever?

See answer

Will this be very time consuming?

See answer

Don’t beans cause a lot of flatulence?

See answer

What about soy?

See answer

What about animal foods like meat, cheese, and eggs?

See answer

What percentage of the menu is raw food?

See answer

What kitchen equipment will I need?

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How many calories will I get each day?

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What’s wrong with gluten?

See answer

How can spices curb my cravings for sweets?

See answer

Why Is Naturally Fit Forever Different From Diets That Have Disappointed You?

If we were selling diet pills, powders, or packaged foods, we might be tempted to increase the shelf life with preservatives. Or cut costs with cheap, second rate ingredients like high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oils. (Just like many companies that sell these products.)

Instead, we teach you to eat nutritious whole foods you can buy locally. So it’s sustainable and affordable.

We empower you to make a permanent lifestyle change... replacing sugary, high fat foods and white flour products with nourishing whole foods that fill you up and rejuvenate your cells with fewer calories.

"Helped me lose the descriptor 'diabetic'; being vegetarian is easier than I thought it would be."

“Your program has provided a tremendous boost to my health as attested to by my lab results; it helped me lose the descriptor 'diabetic' from my profile, and I find that being vegetarian is much easier than the daunting task I thought it would be."

– Judith A. Becker, Saint Cloud FL

You pay just a dollar upfront. If our program isn't everything you expected, you can cancel within 30 days, keep the materials you’ve received so far, and owe nothing. No strings attached.

However, if at the end of 30 days you're thrilled with the materials, you can continue at any of three levels. (Just let us know upfront which you prefer!)
  1. BRONZE: $139. Every week for 3 months, you’ll get a menu plan, grocery list, Sunday “make ahead” list, recipes, and nutritional analyses. $139 is a tiny fraction of what we paid our Registered Dietitian to craft these menu plans for optimal nutrition!

  2. SILVER: $239. Includes all Bronze benefits. Plus, you get "Fit Forever In 30 Minutes" (4 fitness videos) and "Willpower Made Easy": 13 weekly lessons to overcome the emotional challenges of changing your diet.

  3. GOLD: $349. Includes all Silver benefits. But in addition to your online access, we’ll ship you a fat 3-ring binder with printouts of everything above, inluding Willpower Made Easy CDs and the 4 fat-melting, bone-strengthening fitness videos on DVD. If you choose 3 payments, you’ll get access to everything online for two months, and we’ll rush you the 3-ring binder when we receive your third payment.

If you’re among the next 200 customers -- whether Bronze, Silver, or Gold -- you’ll also receive the following Super bonuses (which are downloads from our membership site).

Super Bonus #1: Oil-Free Salad Dressings That’ll Wow Your Taste Buds

Most salads dressings are made with oil. What’s wrong with that? Oil isn’t a whole food. It has no fiber, and far fewer vitamins and minerals than the food it comes from. Most of the dressings in this ebook have no fat at all. And the rest get their creamy texture from ingredients like avocados, tahini, and tofu. Here are the recipes:

Super Bonus #2: Your Body's Secret Language

Discover the six traps that sabotage you physically, emotionally and spiritually. Learn to break free, love yourself, be grateful, and in the process, transform your relationship to food, your scale, and your body. Transform your self image so you can stick with your healthy commitments and have a body you love forever. The author Laura personally lost 100+ pounds and overcame multiple addictions including compulsive eating, bulimia and alcoholism.

Super Bonus #3: End Food Cravings by Changing Your Thoughts

If you continually give into cravings, you could be reacting emotionally to the stresses around you. In this report by Dr. Rubino, you'll learn how to recognize your addictive habits and replace them with new, empowering ones. You'll also learn the 10 Steps for expanding gratitude, shifting your reactive nature, and managing your commitments powerfully!

Super Bonus #4: How To Overcome Emotional Eating

Studies show that holding onto past hurt and resentment leads to stress, weight gain, and even illness. It weighs you down, zaps your drive and willpower, and leads to emotional eating and binging. With Dr. Williams 3-step formula, you can let go of its emotional and physical hold on you. You can release the buried feelings that lead to emotional eating and binging.

Super Bonus #5: What’s Wrong With Gluten?

Why have so many people become sensitive to gluten? Why does eating gluten make it hard to lose weight? How does gluten irritate your gut, and what are the resulting symptoms? For how long should you eliminate gluten to see if your symptoms go away? Dr. Loscalzo reveals the answer to these troubling questions.

Just added: 5 more bonuses worth $98.65! To receive these free at the, enroll by midnight on Tues, Oct 16. 2012.

Because this bonus package is so valuable, we’re only giving it to students who stay in Naturally Fit Forever after 30 days risk-free trial. That’s why we call them “Commitment Bonuses”.

They’re rewards for staying committed to your health and happiness goals beyond 30 days.  So unlike the original bonus ebooks – which you get immediately – we’ll send you these Commitment Bonuses together with your Week 4 menu plan documents.

Commitment Bonus #1: Healthy Commitment Toolkit

This life-saving toolkit guides you in creating three tools. First, you and a supportive friend/relative will sign a Commitment Letter, making you accountable to someone else. Next you’ll write down the reasons WHY you want to get fit, turn these into powerful affirmations, and place them on a Motivation Poster next to an inspiring picture of the “future you”. Last, you’ll prepare yourself for cravings before they show up – with a Craving Survival Card -- so you’ll be ready and able to overcome them easily!

Commitment Bonus #2: Restaurant Survival Guide

Now you can eat like a King or Queen when you’re away from home -- without resorting to processed snack bars and fast food restaurants. You’ll discover which restaurants are best for healthy foods, how to get healthy “custom plates” in most situations, which healthy foods and condiments are easiest to travel with, and how to get foods like hummus, nut butter, and even smoothies through airport security. Includes a 20 point travel checklist.

Commitment Bonus #3: Sports Nutrition Secrets

What should you eat before, during, and after exercise? How can you get an energy boost without feeling heavy or tired? Do you need to load up on protein afterwards? Why do athletes “hit the wall”, and how can you prevent it? This is a transcript of a 1-hour phone call with Dr. Rick Dina, a chiropractor and former marathon runner.

Commitment Bonus #4: No More Kitchen Clutter

Is your kitchen cramped or cluttered? Do you need more cabinet or shelf space? Or more counter top space? If so, this ebook will be a Godsend. In it, you'll learn six strategies to maximize the space you do have. (It was written by a New York chef with a very small kitchen.)

Commitment Bonus #5: Whole Grains, Oils, EFAs, Superfoods & B12

Chef Elaina Love explains how to keep olive oil from breaking down when making stir fries, how to get enough B12, and how to supercharge the protein in sunflower and pumpkin seeds. She also reveals 5 vegan super foods high in absorbable protein, the dangers of heated Canola oil, and which oils can withstand up to 345 degree temperatures.


"The grocery lists makes shopping and stocking a breeze."

“When I first became vegetarian, I would try single recipes from various cookbooks or online sources. I quickly realized, however, that my body was not receiving a nutritionally balanced diet by doing "one-off" recipes. I didn't feel "satisfied" and was hungry, tired, and fatigued much of the time.

Your menu plans, however, are fully integrated and nutritionally balanced. So I have peace of mind that I am receiving all of the vital nutrients I need. The recipes are very good. The grocery lists make shopping and stocking a breeze. This is truly a wonderful, integrated product that is well organized, easy to use, and with excellent health benefits.

– Frank Natale, Boxborough MA


Your Triple Risk-Free Guarantee

The Bronze and Silver packages come with a 30 day money back guarantee. So you can review the first three weeks of menu plans, grocery lists, recipes, and "make ahead" lists before deciding anything!

If you don't love the meals and feel leaner and more energetic within 30 days,

  1. You can cancel by phone or email. (510-402-6516 or No questions, no hassles.

  2. The six weeks of content you've already received is yours to keep!

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Nine Reasons Why You'll Feel More Energetic Each Day

  1. You won’t have to worry about deficiencies. Each day’s menu meets the U.S. Recommended Daily Allowance for calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, protein, selenium, zinc, vitamins A, C, E, and K, and most B vitamins. And you get a daily nutritional analysis to prove it.

  2. You’ll never waste food. Weekday lunches include leftovers from the night before, and they’re packable. So you won’t have ingredients from Monday's dinner left over, with no plan to use them later in the week. What's more, you’ll never watch food spoil because you bought too much.

  3. You’ll save time. You’ll never have to run to the store for a missing ingredient because you didn’t plan ahead. Thanks to the Sunday “make ahead”, most of your ingredients for Mon-Fri will be chopped and ready ahead of time. And the grocery list includes store-bought foods like tomato sauce, hummus, salsa, and canned beans to save you time.

  4. You’ll feel great because the foods in each meal complement each other in taste, presentation, and nutrition. Treating yourself to nourishing home-cooked meals is a way of loving yourself. And when you’re healthy and vibrant, it's natural to feel better about yourself.

  5. You’ll absorb more nutrition from your meals. Our recipes use the “magic” food combinations we've uncovered in our research. For example, our smoothie recipes include almonds, cashews, or pumpkin seeds which are high in zinc and healthy fat. These two ingredients help your body convert the beta carotene in mangos and greens into active Vitamin A.

  6. You’ll lose fat and cellulite. Our recipes include small amounts of healthy fats like olive oil, almonds and pumpkin seeds. They also feature flax seed oil and chia seeds, which have fantastic Omega 6:3 ratios. Only 23-28% of each day's calories come from fat. There are NO deep fried foods, margarine, trans fats, or OILS with poor Omega 6:3 ratios.

  7. You’ll enjoy enhanced energy and concentration. Have you ever felt tired after a meal? Part of the problem was too much fat. Too much fat also clogs your bloodstream, which can lead to blood sugar problems. Our low-fat meals save you from feeling tired. And nutrient-dense whole foods will supercharge your health.

  8. You won’t have blood sugar crashes or cravings. Except for occasional gluten-free pasta, there are no flour products. Fruits and high glycemic foods are combined with protein to slow down the absorption of sugar into your bloodstream. So you won't have blood spikes and crashes that make you hungry for more.

  9. You may enjoy unexpected health benefits. If you have low energy, fatigue, brain fog, skin rashes, numbness in the extremities, fibromyalgia, muscle or joint pain, you could have gluten sensitivities and not realize it.

Here’s the bottom line. You could keep doing what you’ve always done, and remain overweight, tired, and burdened by chronic health problems.

You could also waste more money on “quick fix” diets that require you to eat unhealthy processed foods, or saccharin-sweetened shakes loaded with unnatural ingredients. But these diets compromise your health and aren’t sustainable.

You could also try to upgrade your diet without our support. But why make it hard on yourself?

Our menu plans, recipes, and grocery lists make it super easy. Naturally Fit Forever will turn you into a kitchen wiz who can quickly season, marinate, slice, and dice whole foods into mouth-watering meals. Best of all, you can only come out ahead.

Best case, you love the program, lose weight, and feel more vibrant. Worst case, you get your money back and keep the 5 super bonuses and the first 30 days of menu plans, recipes, grocery lists, and Willpower Made Easy practice guides.

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