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Yes! I want to be slim and vibrant permanently, eating delicious whole food meals that enhance my health. So please start my trial of Naturally Fit Forever. Every week I’ll get a menu plan, grocery list, Sunday “make ahead” list, and recipes. And if I choose the Silver or Gold bundle, I’ll also receive:

Videos from Fit Forever in 30 Minutes:
Practice guides from Willpower Made Easy:

Fat-Burning Body Weight Circuit
5 Tips To Lock In Success From The Very Start

Day 8:
Core Muscle Circuit + Intervals
Get Shame, Blame And Guilt Out Of Your Closet

Day 15:
Bone Strengthening Dumbbell Circuit
Be Bulletproof to Unsupportive Friends And Relatives


Yes, if I'm one of the first 200 Silver or Gold customers, please give me online access to these Silver bonuses:

Super Bonus #1:

Super Bonus #2:

Super Bonus #3:

Super Bonus #4:

Super Bonus #5:

If I choose Bronze or Silver, I understand that I can cancel within 30 days for a full refund, just by calling you at 510-402-6516 or emailing you at No questions. No hassles.

If I choose Gold, I understand that I can return everything in new condition within 30 days of receipt for a prompt 100% refund.

Either way, the materials I download during the trial period are mine to keep. That’s a guaranteed gain no matter what I decide! On this basis, please begin my participation at the following level:

Each week I'll receive:
Gold Program
Silver Program
Basic Program

Menu plans with M-F lunches made from the prior night's dinner leftovers.

Done-for-me grocery lists so I buy only what's needed, not so much that food spoils.
Delicious gluten-free recipes made from whole foods and rejuvenating herbs & spices.
“Make Ahead” lists so I can do advance kitchen prep each Sunday for the coming week.
I'll also receive:    

13 weekly Willpower Made Easy practice guides to help me overcome cravings, guilt, self sabotage, and more.

10 downloadable audios of Dr. Williams walking me through the practice guides.

Four 30-minute fitness videos for burning fat, gaining balance, and strengthening my bones and core muscles.

Bonus audio of self-love affirmations.


A fat 3-ring binder with printouts of all 13 weekly menu plans, grocery lists, "make-ahead" lists and recipes.

Printouts of all 13 Willpower Made Easy practice guides.

CDs with all 10 Willpower Made Easy audios, so Dr. Williams can walk me through the practice guides.

4 fat-melting, bone-strengthening fitness videos on DVD.




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