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"Here's How Top Raw Food Chefs Make
Big Money From Classes, Teleclasses
And Coaching – And How You Can Too"

Dear Friend:

Would you like to fill any kitchen with students eager to pay you $40 - $50 for a 2-hour class, and show them a healthier way of eating?

If so, stop everything. Listen carefully. I've got great news.

With the right marketing strategies, you can become a popular raw foods educator. You can make a real difference. You can help people prevent or overcome disease.

And as you'll see shortly, teaching classes is the first step to multiple income streams.

For example, some of your students will buy your books and videos. Others will hire you to coach them.

And when you webcast your classes, people all over the world can pay you to watch them online!

I know that might sound hard to believe. But in a moment, I'll show you how one of my colleagues made $4,118 from a single class – using webcasting.

Frankly, more people would improve their diets if someone showed them the ropes. Many want to eat healthier. But they don't know where to start. It seems too complicated, overwhelming, or intimidating.

That's Where You Come In!

You can introduce them to wholesome meals, and show them that healthy food can be delicious. You can open their eyes to a whole new way of eating. Just imagine yourself:
  • Surrounded by admiring students in a gourmet kitchen
  • Inspiring people to eat better
  • Sharing the incredible healing powers of a healthier diet
  • Creating more harmony for humanity, animals, and the planet
  • Empowering people to improve their health

If you've already decided to teach classes, keep reading. But if you're not sure you're ready, qualified, or have what it takes, click here to see why it's easier than you might think.

How Do You Get The Ball Rolling?

How do you plan, advertise, and deliver classes? How do you get people to find you, contact you, and prepay?

To answer these questions, we've created a groundbreaking new program called "Raw Food Riches".

For the first time ever, top chefs, educators, and coaches spill the beans on how they got started, how they became popular, and how you can follow in their footsteps.

It's all captured on nine 72-minute interviews. With the trade secrets you discover...

You're guaranteed to fill any kitchen with students eager to pay you $40 - $50 per class. Otherwise, you can cancel and owe nothing.

Chef certification courses are great. They give you skills and credibility. But students don't show up at your door just because you're certified.

The main focus of those courses is culinary techniques, not marketing. So even certified chefs need easy ways to get students and fill classes.

"Raw Food Riches": Basic Series

The basic series includes four 72-minute interviews with top chefs. Plus the Basic Book of Trade Secrets, which organizes the information by topic and subtopic into 9 chapters.

While connected to the Internet, you can listen to the interviews risk-free for 30 days. After that, you get to download the interviews, transcripts, and ebook. In each recorded interview, a top chef spills the beans on how she plans, advertises, and delivers classes.

Would you like someone else to do all the marketing for you?

If so, you'll learn to get booked by:

  • City governments
  • Community colleges
  • Fairs and festivals
  • Retailers like gourmet kitchen stores
  • Monthly meetups and potlucks
  • Monthly support groups and association meetings

If you want to do your own marketing, you'll learn how to:

  • Create so much value that students think $40-50 per class is a bargain
  • Get mega-exposure via health food store demos
  • Start your own meetup group or vegetarian society
  • Market your classes to congregations
  • Create a word-of-mouth buzz
  • Make it easy for students to justify the cost of your class
  • Create a no-show policy that's fair for both of you
  • Get students to enroll in a series of classes, vs. one at a time
  • Attract dozens of students with a free or low-cost "intro", and wow them into taking your $40-50 classes

“If you want to expand your mailing list, make great connections, build a name for yourself, and earn money spreading the message of raw food for health, this program is for you. I especially love the interview with Nomi Shannon, one of the first raw educators, authors and chefs in the biz.

Nomi teaches you how to start a local group, book well-known raw vegan educators, and then when you're ready to go on tour, get help from local raw organizers. Also contains great info on marketing with teleseminars, setting up your own affiliate program, and making money through affiliate programs, even if you don't have your own product.”

-- Jinjee Talifero, Ojai, CA


  • What demographic is the most likely to take your classes
  • What topics and ethnic cuisines attract the most students?
  • What are the best days and times to teach classes, in order to maximize attendance?
  • How frequently can you teach classes without lowering attendance?
  • How long does it take to fill a class of 6-8 students?
  • How far before the class should you start advertising?
  • Local papers, blogs, and online calendars that will list your classes for free
  • Easy ways to market your classes for free on the Internet
  • No nutrition expertise? No problem. Learn to set expectations so students expect nothing more than yummy recipes.

You'll also discover how to:

  • Decide what to charge
  • Plan the menu for your class
  • Organize your curriculum, lesson plans, and class structure
  • Get permission to give out other people's recipes
  • Get volunteers to assist you and wash the dishes
  • Borrow a large kitchen, if yours is too small
  • Create a price structure that protects you from spending too much on food
  • Practice giving your class ahead of time, so you can fit everything into two hours (vs. going way past the end time, like many amateurs do)


  • What features to look for when you have a choice of kitchens
  • Which kinds of recipes are best for a class setting
  • Which recipes to avoid and why
  • How much food to include in the class price
  • How much extra to charge people who want a full meal
  • How far in advance you can chop ingredients, without jeopardizing freshness

You'll also learn how to:

  • Get students to prepay, so you know how much food to buy
    Collect payment online automatically
  • Select fruits, tomatoes, and avocados so they're ripe on the day of the class
  • Control the cost of ingredients without skimping on quality
  • Store pre-chopped ingredients to maximize freshness.
  • Organize the kitchen for maximum efficiency
  • Organize students in the kitchen
  • Make classes fun, interesting, and interactive
  • Vary your classes and themes so students come back for more
  • Ensure sanitary practices when students participate
  • Virtually eliminate no-show's

“The Raw Food Riches program is brilliant! Without it, there are so many pitfalls I would have fallen into. The experts Trevor interviews have years of experience, and they’re living off the money they make by teaching and coaching. Now I've got a huge head start.

The information about how to get volunteers, and how to keep them and manage them, was priceless for me. Without this program, I would still be wasting money and effort on trial and error.”

-- Raederle Phoenix, Buffalo, NY


  • How much food to make, per student
  • When should students watch you, and when should they participate "hands on"?
  • When to offer 4 hour classes and why
  • What supplies to have ready (i.e. cutting boards, knives, etc.)
  • What to send your students home with
  • What food prep to do in advance, so you can zoom through the recipes in class, and not waste time chopping and grating
  • Suppliers that will give you wholesale prices on kitchen appliances, and drop-ship them directly to your customers

After the class, you'll learn how to:

  • Get student feedback, so you know what to improve
  • Get enthusiastic testimonials to boost your credibility
  • Get students to refer their friends
  • Keep students coming back for more
  • Establish boundaries when someone wants too much extra attention for free

“You're an excellent moderator, Trevor. I found Raw Food Riches very compelling. I'm definitely benefiting from these discussions about marketing and business philosophy. And the interviews with Dr. Ritamarie... WOW!  I highlighted paragraphs all over those transcripts! They were very lively discussions between the two of you.”

-- Tamara Locke, San Rafael CA

Finally, the chefs I interview reveal:

  • How they got started
  • How they got their very first students
  • How long it takes them to prepare, set up, and tear down a 2 hour class
  • How they tailor classes to fit the needs of students
  • How they improved their classes over time – to make them more efficient, profitable, popular, and interesting
  • What students like best about their curriculums and teaching styles
  • How much extra money they earn selling specialty foods, supplements, gadgets, and countertop kitchen appliances
  • How much content they teach in a typical 2 hour class
  • Which of them sit down at the end and eat with everyone?
  • Pitfalls they've encountered and mistakes they've made – and how to make sure you never make them
  • Things that didn't go so smoothly in class, how they handled it, and what they'd do differently today
  • The most important lessons they've learned

Finally, you get answers to these questions:

  • Do you need insurance to prepare food in your own home, or at other venues?
  • If someone gets ill from your food, are you liable in any way?
  • Does the answer depend on whether the classes are in your home, or somewhere else?
  • How to keep clients coming back for years

Finally, the basic book of trade secrets includes these 7 life-saving checklists:

  1. Class preparation checklist
  2. Demonstration class outline
  3. Hands-on class outline
  4. Equipment checklist for hands-on classes
  5. Sanitary protocols checklist
  6. 10-point class feedback form
  7. Perfect kitchen checklist (features to look for when you have a choice of kitchens)

Note: most of our guest experts teach raw food classes. Only two teach vegan cooking classes. But here's what's important:

The marketing strategies they reveal aren't limited to any one cuisine. Whether you want to teach raw food classes or something else, all of the marketing strategies you learn will be profitable.

"Raw Food Riches": Silver Bundle (Basic + Advanced)

Teaching live classes is the first step to leveraging yourself. But if you're ready to go "big time", you'll also want "Raw Food Riches: The Advanced Series". In these 5 eye-popping interviews, successful chefs and coaches teach you to make a handsome income with books, videos, coaching, teleclasses and webcasts.

The Silver Bundle combines the Basic Series with the 5 Advanced Series interviews and Advanced Book of Trade Secrets (with 17 chapters). It also reveals many of the secrets I’ve used to build a six figure income in less than two years -- as an educator.

What's The Best Way To Get Hired As A Coach?
Teach Raw Food Preparation Classes!

Hiring you as a coach is the natural outcome for any student who likes you and needs ongoing support.

By taking your classes, people get to "try you out" for just $40 or $50 before committing to three or six months of coaching. You can coach them by phone or in-person.

If you're not sure you're qualified to coach, click here for a dozen ways you can serve people, even if you're not a nutrition expert or certified chef.

When it comes to private coaching, the Advanced Series shows you how to:

  • Use lectures, classes, and teleclasses to get hired as a coach
  • Attract coaching clients who pay you what you're worth
  • Get paid upfront for 1-6 months, not just by the session
  • Where to hold coaching sessions if your home isn't a good place
  • Determine what kind of help a person needs
  • When to use a new client questionnaire or intake form

“Raw Food Riches gave me bundles of confidence as I started my wellness coaching practice. I went from feeling fearful and overwhelmed to understanding simple tools I could use immediately to build my credibility, client base, and bottom line.

I found Jena la Flame’s careful guidance through the coaching sales process invaluable. This one interview alone simultaneously honed my sales edge and helped me understand how to best help my clients achieve their innermost goals.

I would recommend Raw Food Riches wholeheartedly. It’s an excellent audio primer on growing an authentic heart-centered business in the nutrition and wellness field.”

-- Stacy Waters, H.H.C. Berkeley CA

Use Webcasting To Earn $4,000+ Per Class!

Here's how Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo recently made $4,118 from a single 2-1/2 hour class.

Best of all, no matter how many people continue buying her online video – whether it's one a day or 100 per day – fulfilling the orders takes no time on her part.

Did You Ever Read The Book, Rich Dad Poor Dad?

If not, here's a key point. The author tells us to stop trading hours for dollars and, instead, buy or create assets. An asset is something that generates income without requiring your time.

Now think about it. Every time you create a downloadable ebook or MP3, you create an asset that can generate income 24/7.

The same goes for DVDs and paperback books. You can pay a small percentage of each sale to a fulfillment house. Once you do, you're liberated from trading hours for dollars.

Whether you sell one copy a day or 100 per day, it takes no extra effort. Well guess what? In "Raw Food Riches: Advanced Series", you'll discover how to:

  • Create books and videos to sell at your lectures and classes, easily doubling your revenue at any class

  • Make hundreds of dollars per day selling ebooks from your website – with no printing, warehousing, shipping, or collecting sales tax

  • Build an email list of thousands who want to learn from you

  • Email your list with the push of a button

  • Build a loyal following of people who read your blog religiously

  • Use Facebook and Twitter to generate even more followers

  • Create a marketing funnel that turns your leads into students, then converts students into repeat customers and high paying clients

  • Webcast your classes, so that people all over the world can watch you – and pay you – simultaneously

  • Set up tele-seminars so that people all around the world can learn from you – and pay you. This is as easy as calling a phone number and dialing an extension!

  • Use free tele-seminars (or webinars) to turn leads into hungry prospects who sign up for your classes and coaching services, or buy affiliate products you recommend.

  • Don't have enough products to sell your email subscribers? Earn thousands every month promoting affiliate products. All you need to do is tell your subscribers about products and services you like.

  • Print books and DVDs "on demand", so you don't have to tie up cash ordering thousands at a time.

  • Create an affiliate program, motivating other chefs, authors, and websites to promote your books and videos.

  • Develop partnerships and do reciprocal email promotions. (For example, we could recommend your books and videos to our email list and you could do the same for us.)
Silver Extra #1:
Cash In On Catering

In this special interview, Elaina Love reveals how she networked her way from “Nameless” to “Famous”, and how you too can became a sought-after caterer. You’ll discover how to:

  • Price your food correctly so you always make a healthy profit
  • Attract customers by giving away free samples
  • Land catering jobs at yoga retreats, spiritual retreats, and other events that attract health conscious people
  • Never run out of food when there are more guests than expected
  • Earn more per customer, without having to prepare more food
  • Find qualified assistants and wait staff
  • Start a booming door to door delivery service
  • Reach more customers with less travel time
  • Compel customers to buy extras when they receive the food they ordered

Silver Extra #2:
Fast Start Educator Toolkit

This incredible toolkit gives you flyers, postcards, and email messages that were penned by a professional ad copywriter who charges $300/hour. And guess what? You have permission to “swipe” every word of his ad copy, and use it to pack your classes with eager students. Here's exactly what you get:

  1. Magnetic flyers and postcards that you can customize with your name, contact info, and a description of what you teach.

  2. “How To Write A Magnetic Flyer”. Learn to create urgency, write mouth-watering descriptions of your menus, and appeal to a wide audience – including folks who aren’t interested in healthy eating yet.

  3. Email tutorial and compelling follow up emails for people who join your email list. These messages are proven to turn prospects into paying students or clients.

  4. Client intake form for new clients to fill out, when they hire you for coaching.

  5. Phone script for your first consult with prospective coaching clients. Based on Jena la Flamme’s interview, this incredible script makes prospects convince themselves to hire you. Jena is a sought-after coach who earns more in one hour than most people earn in an 8-hour workday.

  6. Social media tutorial. Shows you step-by-step how to create a huge following on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

  7. List of 9 wholesale suppliers, so you can double your money selling juicers, Vitamixes, and other kitchen appliances, gadgets, super foods, and supplements.

  8. Class feedback form. Discover what students love and hate about your classes, so you can constantly improve them.

  9. Social media tutorial. This 16 page guide shows you step-by-step how to set up your own Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube pages, attract fans and followers, and turn them into students and clients.

  10. Complete details on 7 chef certification programs, 6 schools and programs for aspiring educators, and 3 distance learning programs. We include these because Raw Food Riches doesn’t teach culinary skills or certify you as a chef.

"It was especially useful to learn about my colleagues’ success strategies, specific marketing techniques, and ways to use current technology and social networking.

I loved Nomi Shannon's frank commentary on maximizing the use of mailing lists, e-books, live classes, videos and tele-seminars to build a financially stable business. It was incredibly useful to me in planning the future of my own business.

I highly recommend Raw Food Riches for anyone interested in starting a business in this field, or enriching the one they already have.”

-- Jillian Love, Oakland CA

So what’s the investment for “Raw Food Riches”?

If you're not wowed by the interviews, you can cancel within 30 days and get a full refund. No strings attached. However, if at the end of 30 days you're thrilled with the interviews, you can download any of these three bundles. (Just let us know upfront which you prefer!)

The Basic Program is $97. You get to download interviews 1-4 and the Basic Book of Trade Secrets with 9 chapters and 7 checklists.

The Silver Program is $297. You get to download interviews 1-9, the Basic Book of Trade Secrets, the Advanced Book of Trade Secrets, “Cash In On Catering” and the Fast Start Educator Toolkit.

The Gold Package is $397 upfront (+ $12.35 S&H), and comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. It has the same exact content as the Silver Bundle, but you get booklets and disks shipped to you in a 3-ring binder.

If you're among the next 100 new customers, you'll also get this super bonus package worth $133.94 (no matter which level you sign up at):

Super Bonus #1:
Make Money With Meetups (Normally $29)

Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo runs a thriving Meetup group with 780 members. In this fascinating interview, you'll discover how to:

  • Use Meetups to sell out your classes

  • Get massive exposure with no advertising costs

  • Attract entrepreneurs who’ll cross-promote you

  • Get big name chefs and authors to speak to your Meetup, promote it to their fans, split the door money with you (making you $100s per night), and promote your books to their huge email lists
Super Bonus #2:
Video Footage of a Dr. Ritamarie Webcast (Normally $29)

This video will show you how Dr. Ritamarie takes and answers questions from "virtual students" who watch her live broadcast on their computer screens -- and pay $27 apiece for this privilege!

The topic of this particular class is "Raw Vegan Cheese". The video isn't free, but it's reduced from $27 to just $1. We'll give you the special link to buy it from her at this reduced price.

Super Bonus #3:
Explode Sales From Your Emails (Normally $39)

If you want to get your emails opened, read, and acted on, this ebook is essential. It reveals how to:

  • Get your emails opened and read
  • Discover your subscribers’ hot buttons
  • Maximize your sales with relevant messages
  • Generate a flood of clicks, calls, or visits
  • When to email your list and how often
  • The pro’s and con’s of HTML email

Super Bonus #4:
Email List Building Strategies Reviewed (Normally $19)

Building your email list is a key to success. But how should you do that? This invaluable guide compares the pro’s and con’s of five different methods.

  • Convert your website visitors into email subscribers.
  • Get people on your email list automatically, even if you have no website
  • Get popular websites to invite new email subscribers to join your email list too.
  • Get endorsements from entrepreneurs with large email lists. This powerful method is the secret behind most Internet millionaires.
  • Reach out to prospects proactively, even if they don’t know about you or your email list.

Super Bonus #5:
Your Own Web Page In Our Directory (Normally $19.94)

Get a free 60 day trial in our Educator Directory. visitors can find you by typing in a nearby zip code. And Google visitors can find you by searching for “cooking classes”, “raw food classes”, or “health counselors”, along with a nearby city or zip code. You’ll get to:

  • Get the web address
  • Upload your photo, contact info, bio, video, recipe photos, and more
  • Update your schedule of upcoming classes
  • Receive payment via Paypal
  • Entice people to join your email list with a compelling signup offer
  • Specify which cuisines you teach (i.e. vegetarian, vegan, raw, etc.)
  • Describe your coaching services if applicable
  • Receive rave reviews from your students

If you’re not thrilled, you can cancel your directory listing during the 60 day free trial. Otherwise, we’ll bill you $9.97/month for this money-making service after 60 days. That’s less than the cost of designing and hosting your own site!

Below is an example of what your listing will look like. If you already give away an ebook to new email subscribers, you can upload an image of your ebook to the email signup form. Otherwise, our "Vegan Holiday Recipe Collection" is the default giveaway. This entices visitors to join your email list.


Your Triple Risk-Free Guarantee

Don’t decide now. Take 30 days to review the interviews risk-free – while connected to the Internet – and start profiting from the trade secrets you discover.

If you’re thrilled, then right after the 30 days you’ll get to download everything. By that time, you must feel confident that you can:

  1. Fill any kitchen with 6-8 students eager to pay you $40-50 per class.

  2. Earn at least $3,000 from students, customers, and clients within the next 12 months (and probably a lot more!)

  3. Be 100% prepared for your first class, knowing which ingredients to prep ahead of time, how long the class will take, etc.

If for any reason you're not wowed by these interviews, just email us within 30 days. Write “Cancel” in your message and we will fully refund you. No questions. No hassles. Our email address is and our phone is 510-402-6516.

Even if you email us at 11:55 pm on the 30th day or that day falls on a weekend or holiday, don’t worry. We’ll see the date/time stamp of your email, and we’ll give you a prompt 100% refund.

Either way, all of the super bonuses are yours to keep. That’s a guaranteed gain, no matter what you decide!


If you don't order "Raw Food Riches". how will you learn to fill any kitchen with students eager to pay you $40-50 per class?

How will you learn to plan, advertise, and deliver your classes without a hitch?

Besides our trade secrets – which you won't learn anywhere else – one benefit of our program is the structure and support it provides.

Why struggle through months (or years) of trial and error when you can skip the hard knocks and follow a proven game plan?

Don't decide now. Review the interviews risk-free for 30 days. Then you'll know the answer. Best case, it's a resounding yes. Worst case, you cancel and owe nothing,.. and the super bonuses are yours to keep. So order now!

Raw Food Riches Complete Series

If you still have questions, you can click here for our FAQ. Or call us at 510-402-6516.

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Trevor Justice, Owner/Director

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