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I've not only been blown away by the lessons, but by the recipes as well! My husband has cancer and your information has been invaluable in helping me tweak his diet to support his recovery. I know your information is accurate and cutting edge, because I read a lot of high quality research.

-- Mary Montanye, Bellvue, CO

I've been a vegan/macrobiotic cookbook author and food coach for 37 years. Yet I continue refining my understanding of nutrition, thanks to your experts. My interest in sprouting and juicing has been renewed, and the insights shared on bone health and Vitamins D and B12 have been revelatory.

-- Meredith McCarty, author of Sweet and Natural, Mill Valley, CA

All your experts have been tremendous. Your information has been well worth the price, and has provided a tremendous boost to my health, as attested by lab results; it's helped me lose the descriptor 'diabetic'. Being vegan is now much easier than the daunting task I thought it would be.

-- Judith A. Becker, Saint Cloud FL

As a cookbook author and 30-year teacher of cooking classes, I found your information very comprehensive. The expert Q&A calls were particularly useful. And Dr. Klaper is exceptionally knowledgeable and easy to listen to. Considering how much I've gotten, you definitely undercharge.

-- Lenore Y. Baum, M.A., author of Sublime Soups, Weaverville NC

I have learned so much... proper food combining, when to eat certain foods, signs of B-12 deficiency, cooking with less oil, great recipes, how to get more iron, and how acid in food can affect your body. I can whip up a bean recipe in minutes. I spend less at the grocery store because I know what is healthy and what is not.

-- Anita Robinson, Parkville MD

Your recipes combine foods correctly, leading to improved absorption of vitamins and minerals from meals. It gives high raw people an understanding of how to prepare balanced, energizing cooked meals. Almost all of the recipes are made from whole foods. Many are high raw, and all are easy to prepare.

-- Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo, author of Power Breakfasts, Austin TX

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