2011 Veghealth Award Winners Announced Here!

Below are subscriber picks for favorite veg people, products, and merchants of 2011. Would you like to suggest candidates for the 2012 Veghealth Awards? Then join our email list! Only active email subscribers get to suggest candidates.

Favorite Brand of Household Cleaners and Detergents: 7th Generation won against nominees Dr. Bronner's, Ecover, and Biokleen.

Healthiest Energy Bar: In one of several "David vs. Goliath" contests, Raw Revolution toppled Lara Bars, along with nominees Vega Bars and Core Food's Refrigerated Fresh Bars.

Healthiest Sweetener: In a close contest, dates edged out stevia, raw honey, and fruit juice. As we show in our book, "Supercharge Your Health With Whole Foods", dates are a nutritional powerhouses compared to refined sweeteners.

Favorite Brand of Supplements: Healthforce toppled the competition of Vega, NOW, Dr. Mercola's, and several others.

Single Best Superfood: E3 Live Blue Green Algae won over AmaZing Grass Super Food, and HealthforceÕs Spirulina and Vitamineral Green.

Best National or Online Health Food Store: In another "David vs. Goliath" contest, The Raw Food World overthrew Whole Foods, along with nominees Vegan Essentials and Frontier Natural Products Co-Op.

Best Healthy Blog: In a very close contest, Fat Free Vegan Kitchen edged out Raw Epicurean, Choosing Raw, and Raw Food Rehab.

Best Cookbook for Healthy Recipes: The Kind Diet (by Alicia Silverstone) took the victory over nominees Skinny Bitch, Veganomicon, and Engine 2 Diet.

Best Raw Food Recipe Book: In a close contest, The Raw Gourmet (by Nomi Shannon) edged out nominees 30 Minute Vegan, AniÕs Raw Food Essentials, and Transitioning to Living Cuisine.

Best Film About Healthy Eating: In another "David vs. Goliath" contest, Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days toppled the much bigger film Food Inc, along with nominees Forks over Knives and May I Be Frank.

Favorite Kimchi/Sauerkraut: In a close contest, Goldmine Natural Foods edged out nominees Farmhouse Culture Kraut and Cultured Pickle Shop.

Favorite Condiment for Salty Flavor: Himalayan Sea Salt beat nominees Braggs, Tamari, and Miso by a wide margin.

Best Educator: In a close contest, David Wolfe edged out nominees Dr. Neal Barnard, Dr. Joel Fuhrman, and Gabriel Cousens.

Best Nutrition Guru / Trainer: In a close contest, Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo edged out nominees Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Dr. John McDougall, and David Wolfe.

Best Poster Girl to Show That Herbivores Stay Youthful Longer: Ellen DeGeneres (born 1958) beat nominees Dr. Gabriel Cousens (born 1942), Dr. Fred Bisci (born 1929), and Mimi Kirk (born 1938).

Best Poster Girl to Prove That Herbivores Can Be Lean and Mean: In a close contest, Michelle Battermann (raw vegan bodybuilder / model) edged out Martina Navratilova (tennis deity), Robert Cheeke (bodybuilder), and Dave Scott (record-holder for most Ironman victories). You go girl!

Favorite Blender: Vitamix beat nominees BlendTech, Breville, and Omega by a wide margin.

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Favorite Juicer: In a close contest, Champion edged out nominees Green Star, Omega, and Hurom.

Favorite Brand of Cosmetics and Toothpaste: Tom's of Maine took the victory over nominees Aubrey's Organics, Dr. Bronners, and Ann Marie Gianni's.

Favorite Radio Show: Raw Vegan Radio beat Vegan Radio, Visionary Culture Radio and Go Vegan Radio by a wide margin.

Favorite Healthy Snack: Fresh fruit beat the other nominees by a wide margin.
Favorite Brand Name Snack: Blessing's Cheesy Kale Chips "Kale in a Crunch" beat trail mix and Go Raw Flax Crackers.

Healthiest Non Dairy Milk: Homemade almond milk.
Healthiest Brand Name Non-Dairy Milk: Almond Breeze won against nominees Living Harvest Hemp Milk and Silk Original Organic.

Favorite Probiotic Drink: Homemade Kombucha.
Favorite Brand Name Probiotic Drink: Synergy (GT Dave's) Kombucha Drink won against nominees Rejuvilac and Donna Gates' Cocobiotic.