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Michael Klaper, M.D.
Michael Klaper, M.D.
(Q&A 17)

Lesson 16: Foods you eat now that are aging you.

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Discover three harmful ingredients that show up in many breads, cookies, crackers, muffins, breakfast cereals, pies, cakes, French fries, potato chips, soy cheeses, soy ice creams, and vegetarian 'meats'. These ingredients stiffen your arteries, damage your chromosomes, injure your nerve cells, increase oxidative damage in your tissues, raise your levels of 'bad' LDL cholesterol, and lower your levels of 'good' HDL cholesterol. Discover healthy substitutions that will help slow down the aging process.

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Jan C:
Well my Mom was right...we used a pressure cooker all the time. I just went and bought one. I thank you for all the great information about how toxic foods can get. Raw, steamed and boiled is easier and cleaner as well.
Manna has the only sprouted grain bread that has no gluten added back into it, like Ezekiel breads. Sprouting is supposed to neutralize the gluten, right, and that's one of the advantages of sprouting. I no longer use Ezekiel because they have changed their ingredients to now use the gluten.
Val Archer:
Hi Flora - sprouting would not neutralize any gluten. It might reduce it a little - perhaps a few gluten proteins float out into the soak water. But gluten is the protein matrix that stores starch in the dry grain. When you add water, this matrix stretches to allow the water to ooze in-between the fronds of glucose (starch). The gluten proteins are all still there!
enjoyed video. learned a lot! I was a Vegan and went to Vegetarian to eat protein from dairy. Now I am hearing dairy is not good and causes all kinds of bowel problems and other problems e.g. fibromyalgia ?? I'm back to vegan
Very interesting. Lots of information that can be used. Thanks so much
You spoke about high heat cooking with frying, baking, grilling, microwaving. What about pressure cooking? Would that create acrylamides?
Val Archer:
Hi Ed - Dr. John McDougall reports that pressure cooking is fine, it does not produce acrylamides because the food is bathed in steam as it cooks. Here's a well-researched article: The Health Benefits of Using a Pressure Cooker.
This was one of the most entertaining and informative of all the Q&A calls so far!! Dr. Klaper is always a favorite guest and I enjoyed his frequently mind-blowing information. I loved the explanation of how the water protects the cooking foods from damage.
Patricia Dominguez:
I'm so please with Dr. Klaper's instruction. As a Nutritionist, it helps to have his teaching and input on such and important topic. Thank You
As an RN who specializes in vegan nutrition, I appreciate all the information Dr. Klaper offered.
Good information.
Dr. Klaper shares healthier options for cooking starchy foods to reduce or eliminate acrylamide molecules. He also explains why certain foods are unhealthy and how they can accelerate aging through oxidation. Very informative.
Becky Legun:
Great call and great information.
Thank you, Dr. Klaper and Trevor, for this insightful Q&A session. I am delighted to learn more helpful information to healthful eating. The damaging effects of roasted foods or over-cooked foods induced acrylamides will change my shopping habits and intake consumption. You have imparted useful ingredients for me to live a richer lifestyle. Thank you!
I feel like the discusssion on starches and how to safely prepare them was very informative. Thank you.
This was simply a great myth busting interview - I didn't know any of this information about potatoes, etc. Thank you!!
Carolin Radcliff:
Excellent lesson! It answered all of my questions. Still, I wanted to hear more!
I knew about "browning" being a no-no, but didn't understand the baking, etc. as creating a toxic environment in the food too. That is very helpful and now I understand why steamed and boiled is not as harmful. Absolutely the best class ever. Thank you both!
Good info. Acrylamides are something new to me. Thanks for this great info. Very helpful.
What about Buckwheat? Is that a starch that would have acrylamide if baked?
Val Archer:
Hi Geraldine - buckwheat flour is ground from the white endosperm of the seed, which contains mainly starch. Bake low, bake slow. Acrylamide is associated with high temp cooking, such as frying, and baking until it's brown on the outside. "If it's brown, flush it down [the toilet]!"
I never knew this information. How happy I am that I switched to a raw vegan organic diet and green smoothie drinking. Thanks for this download.
Thank you again. I love your interview style. Very supportive of the speaker and the students.
What can I add to fresh made carrot/apple juice to prevent it from oxidizing, it was suggested to add Lemon juice but I'm not too sure...
Val Archer:
Hi Marcella - the contents of a cell will always ozidize from the moment you break the cell membrane open, as in juicing. Drink it fresh!
Thank you, thank you, thank you! Great info and very easy to understand!
I'm trying to improve my diet because of diabetes. I'm a health professional and I think this concept of reducing heat/browning is very interesting. Also, anything that reduces oxidation, thus inflammation in the body will help.
Excellent suggestions! My philosophy is the closer a food to it's natural state, the better. Thank you.

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