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Commitment Bonus #1: Healthy Commitment Toolkit (downloadable toolkit by Cecilia Kinzie)

This life-saving toolkit gets you started with three powerful exercises:

1) Commitment Letter. After declaring your commitment in writing, you and a supportive friend/relative will both sign it. When you’re accountable to someone else, you’re more likely to keep your commitment.

2) “Motivation Poster”. After writing down all of the reasons WHY you want to get fit, you’ll turn these into powerful affirmations, and place them next to an inspiring picture of the “future you”.

3) “Craving Survival Plan Card”. You’ll prepare yourself for cravings before they show up. Then you’ll be ready and able to overcome them easily!

Commitment Bonus #2
: Whole Grains, Oils, EFAs, Superfoods, B12 and More
(downloadable Q&A with Elaina Love)

Elaina Love is a Chef/Instructor at the renowned Living Light Culinary Arts Institute.

In this fascinating Q&A, you'll discover how to:

  • Spend less time in the kitchen when cooking separate meals for you and your carnivorous spouse

  • Keep olive oil from breaking down when making stir fry dishes

  • Supercharge the protein in pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds.

  • Tell the difference between illness and cleansing, when you add new health foods to your diet.

  • Cure headaches without pills
  • The dangers of heated Canola oil, and which oils can withstand up to 345 degree temperatures.

  • The dangers of eating wheat gluten (used in Asian restaurants to make fake meats)

  • The dangers of over-eating brown rice

  • Which vegetables are easier to digest when cooked?

  • Which fat can be burned as fuel?

  • 5 vegan super foods that are extremely high in absorbable protein (up to 60% protein).

  • 2 surprising foods that reduce sugar cravings.

  • Filling soy-free entrees you can make from beans, nuts, and seeds

  • Are nutritional yeast and tempeh good vegan sources of B12? Do you need B12 supplements?

  • How much water should you drink per day?

Commitment Bonus #3: Making Vegan Recipes Creamy(downloadable Q&A with Nomi Shannon)

In this captivating Q&A, you'll discover how to:

  • Make homemade almond milk in 60 seconds from almond butter and water -- *without* the hassle of a nut milk bag

  • Whip up a cashew cream in minutes that's so luscious, your family will gladly surrender their Cool Whip.

  • Make a delicious cashew frosting or cheese spread in minutes..

  • Ferment seed cheese *without* special fermenting ingredients like probiotics or rejuvelac

  • Make vegan corn chowder creamy without oil or dairy, using a healthy whole food that's rich in good fat
  • Why nuts and seeds make an amazing base for vegan creams and cheeses

  • A healthy pate that's so delicious, your family will never go back to dried-onion-soup-sour-cream dip. This pate lasts for three weeks in the fridge!

  • A high protein nut butter that's alkaline-forming and rich in good fat, but costs half the price of almond butter.

  • When can you safely bend the food combining rules - without indigestion?

  • Nomi's favorite nut - and why it's NOT macadamia nuts    

  • Nomi's secret for making any recipe taste Italian

  • The secret ingredient that gives seed cheese a genuine "cheese flavor"

Commitment Bonus #4
: How To Overcome Emotional Eating
(downloadable Q&A with Dr. Felicia Williams)

Holding onto past hurts weighs most people down, poisoning them with stress, sadness, and resentment. Studies show that "unforgiveness" leads to stress, weight gain, and even illness. Buried resentment zaps your drive and willpower, and leads to emotional eating and binging.

That’s why we did this bonus interview with Dr. Felicia Williams. With the 3-step formula she explains, you can acknowledge these hurts without condoning what happened. You can let go of their hold on you... emotionally and physically. You can release the buried feelings that lead to emotional eating and binging.


Commitment Bonus #5
: Balancing Raw & Cooked Whole Food
(Nomi Shannon interviews Trevor Justice)

This recording was made for people who struggle to be 100% raw. If that's you, it'll be a Godsend. You'll learn to be healthy AND happy balancing raw and cooked whole foods...

If you're like most people who try becoming raw, you're sabotaged by cravings. You binge on unhealthy foods, feel guilty, and then beat yourself up for not eating better.

Even if you're super disciplined, your diet could be imbalanced. You could wind up with vitamin or mineral deficiencies.

That's why Nomi Shannon, "The Raw Gourmet", interviewed me about the biggest mistake made by raw fooders, and how to balance raw and cooked whole foods.

Once you learn our secrets, you'll be healthy AND happy, and free of the back and forth "yo-yo" struggle of trying to be 100% raw!

Commitment Bonus #6: Enjoying Holidays With Carnivores (downloadable Q&A with Nomi Shannon, Trevor Justice, Lara Adler, and Roberta Schiff)

Whether you want to take a "gentle activist" approach at the dinner table, or a non-judgmental "Buddhist" approach, this downloadable Q&A will be a Godsend.

You'll learn wisdom of three four-time vegans, and hear comical stories that help you realize that you're "not the only one". You'll discover:

  • A foolproof line for disarming people who pick a fight with you

  • Why many meat eaters are defensive

  • The first step to converting others to a healthier lifestyle

  • Why you don't need to defend your position to "save face"

  • Where to find "veganized" versions of traditional holiday recipes

Commitment Bonus #7
: Your Body's Secret Language
(ebook by Laura Fenamore)

It’s hard to succeed with diet or exercise when you have deep-seated limiting beliefs about yourself. Discover the six traps that sabotage you personally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Then learn to break free, love yourself, be grateful, and in the process, transform your relationship to food, your scale, and your body.

You’ll learn to transform you self image so you can stick with your healthy commitments and have a body you love forever. Using the same tools revealed in this ebook, the author personally lost 100+ pounds and overcame multiple addictions including compulsive eating, bulimia and alcoholism.




Commitment Bonus #8: Sprouts and Savory Raw Salad Dressings (streaming video with Michael Bedar)

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