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“Indulge Yourself In Heavenly Raw Food Meals, Desserts, Smoothies, and Juices Bursting With Life Force”

Rejuvenate Your Body, Uplift Your Mood, and Thrill Your Taste Buds With 21 Days of Delicious, Nutritionally Complete Raw Food Meals Plans!

This program is for you if:

  • You feel sluggish, scattered, or burned out...
  • You feel drained or depleted by sugary, salty processed foods…
  • You’ve struggled to eat healthier but been sabotaged by cravings…
  • You’re frustrated by time-consuming recipes…
  • You’re bored by the same old meals…
  • You’re worried about deficiencies…
  • You feel puffy or frumpy…
  • You want to cleanse and renew your body…
  • You need guidance getting the hang of a healthier cuisine…
  • You’re reluctant to make a radical lifetime change, but 21 days of renewal sounds much easier!


Dear Friend:

Here’s your chance to thrill your taste buds, renew your body, and get complete nutrition in every delicious meal.

Our groundbreaking program, Raw Rejuvenation gives you 21 days of nourishing raw food meal plans, recipes, grocery lists, and Sunday "make ahead" lists…

It transforms you into a kitchen wiz who can quickly slice and dice raw foods into mouth-watering meals you'll love. (And if you have a family, they'll love the meals too.) Just look at the benefits:

  • Gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, and vegan…
  • Free of acrylamides, margarine, and trans fats…
  • Free of white flour and foods with poor Omega 6:3 ratios…
  • 10% of the recipes have optional cooked ingredients such as quinoa and sweet potatoes..
  • Weekday lunches are either leftovers, easy wraps, or dishes that store well without refrigeration (and they’re all easily packable)…

Best of all,  each day's meal plan meets the USRDA for calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, zinc, Omega-3, Omega-6, fiber, vitamins A, C, E, and K, and most B vitamins. And you get a daily nutritional analysis to prove it!

Won’t It Be Great To Enjoy These Benefits?

You’ll absorb more nutrition from your meals. Our recipes use the “magic” food combinations we've uncovered in our research. For example, iron-rich greens are combined with lemon juice or other Vitamin C foods. This helps your body absorb more iron from the greens.

You’ll never waste food. All of the food you need is accounted for in your weekly grocery list. So you’ll never have ingredients from Monday's dinner left over, with no plan to use them later in the week. What's more, you’ll never watch food spoil because you bought too much.

You’ll save time. With done-for-you grocery lists, you’ll never have to run to the store for a missing ingredient because you didn’t plan ahead. And thanks to the Sunday "make ahead" lists, most of your ingredients for Mon-Fri will be chopped and ready ahead of time.

You’ll feel full – not hungry. Most raw foods digest faster than cooked starches and proteins, which are dense and heavy. That’s why raw food newcomers often feel “hungry” between meals. Raw Rejuvenation keeps you satiated all day long – with three yummy meals AND two filling snacks.

You’ll feel focused and energetic. Since vegetables are extremely low in calories, a common pitfall in the raw food diet is overreliance on fats and oils, which make you tired and foggy. Remarkably, only 20% of the calories in Raw Rejuvenation come from fat. And most of it comes from nuts, seeds, coconuts, and avocados. (Only a pinch from refined oil.)

Want to lose weight? Raw Rejuvenation averages just 1600 calories per day. It also frees you from white flour, gluten, and refined oil. These are three of the biggest fat-causing culprits!

No indigestion. The meal plan indicates how long each meal takes to digest. So you can fully digest each meal before you start the next one. Better digestion can free you from bloating, heartburn and acid reflux.

No refined sugar. Raw Rejuvenation is free of refined sweeteners like agave nectar, honey, and maple syrup. Recipes are sweetened only with fresh and dried fruits. Since the fiber in fruit slows down the absorption of sugar into your blood, this reduces sugar spikes and crashes.

Easy to follow. When it comes to selecting, storing, and preparing uncommon ingredients (such as pomegranates and parsnips), you’ll get easy step-by-step directions that even Homer Simpson could follow. The same goes for sprouting. And just in case, you’ll get links to how-to videos.

Vegans and Raw Fooders:
Stop Being Vulnerable to Deficiencies!

Some nutrients are harder to absorb from plant foods. Here are three examples:

1) Only 10% – 20% of the iron in plant foods is absorbed by your body (vs. the “heme” iron in meat and fish). The Raw Rejuvenation meal plan employs a “magic” food combination that multiplies the iron you absorb.

2) The beta carotene in plant foods is only 1/12 as potent as animal-based Vitamin A! Here again, the Raw Rejuvenation meal plan employs a “magic” food combination that converts more beta-carotene into active Vitamin A.

3) Eating foods and oils with poor Omega 6:3 ratios can prevent your body from converting ALA into EPA/DHA, even if you eat lots of flax, hemp, or chia seeds! Raw Rejuvenation minimizes these problem foods.
We don’t know of any other raw meal plan designed with these food combinations in mind.

We don’t know of any other meal plans designed with these food combinations in mind.

“The Vegetarian Health Institute's Raw Rejuvenation 21 Day Raw Food Meal Plan is one of the most affordable, thorough, and well organized raw food meal plans I have come across. It takes the guess work out of starting a raw diet with plenty of delicious and nutritionally sound recipes. I lost weight and my health increased dramatically when following a low fat vegan diet with plenty of fresh raw fruits and vegetables, just like the one you will find in the Raw Rejuvenation Plan. I highly recommend it!“

Cecilia Kinzie, www.rawglow.com, Capistrano Beach, CA


“What I really love about these menu plans is the done-for-you practicality, as well as the detail. The recipes are all very clearly written, and many of them are so simple you can throw them together in an instant.

Raw Rejuvenation also takes a lot of the frustrating guess-work out of raw food recipe preparation. Since it's organized as a 21-day menu plan, you know exactly when to start preparing each future recipe -- in the event that you need to soak or sprout something, for example. The recipes are tasty and filling too!

~ Stacy Waters, C.H.H.C., A.A.D.P., Berkeley CA


“When I first became vegetarian, I would try single recipes from various cookbooks or online sources. I quickly realized, however, that my body was not receiving a nutritionally balanced diet by doing "one-off" recipes. I didn't feel "satisfied" and was hungry, tired, and fatigued much of the time.

Your menu plans, however, are fully integrated and nutritionally balanced. So I have peace of mind that I am receiving all of the vital nutrients I need. The recipes are very good. The grocery lists make shopping and stocking a breeze. This is truly a wonderful, integrated product that is well organized, easy to use, and with excellent health benefits.

~ Frank Natale, Boxborough MA


“It’s only been a week and I feel great. I love the foods. All the recipes are amazing, I'm sleeping better at night, and I feel better both physically and mentally. You’ve had such a wonderful impact on my life that I can hardly find the words to show you my appreciation.”

~ Tina Louise, Buffalo, NY


“The strangest thing is the lack of hunger as I knew it. I feel like I am incredibly alert all of the time as well. The most amazing thing has been losing 6 pounds in a month with a pretty minimal amount of exercise.”

~ Sarah Leven, Buffalo NY

Four Disclaimers

1) All of the documents are PDFs that you can download from our membership site.

2) You’ll need a blender and access to fresh fruits and vegetables. Otherwise, you may have to  buy some ingredients online.

3) Raw Rejuvenation is easiest to follow if you have a juicer. But if you don’t have a juicer, any juice recipe can be prepared as a salad instead.

4) The average daily meal plan provides 1,600 calories. If you only need 1,200 calories, just reduce the portions by 25%. If you need 2,000 calories, increase them by 25%. And if you prepare food for several people, you can double or triple the recipes as needed.


Companion Product #1: Willpower Made Easy

Have you tried eating healthier before, but been sabotaged by cravings or emotional eating?  Did you reward yourself for working so hard – by eating fattening comfort foods?

Was there an ongoing battle between your inner child ("I deserve it") and your inner parent ("You can't have that.") If so, Willpower Made Easy is for you.

Each week for the next 3 months, you’ll get to download a short practice guide containing:

  • An overview of that week’s issue using humor and real examples.
  • A technique to address the issue head on (affirmations, visualization exercises, bullet point do’s and don’ts, and self-love guides).
  • An easy “practice guide” for that week, usually including a one sentence quote or affirmation.
"Showed me how to leave the hurt behind."

“I'm shedding tears but wanted to thank you. I didn't realize how much hurt and resentment I have been carrying. You’ve showed me how to leave the hurt behind so it does NOT continue to steal my joy and energy, or sabotage my desire for a healthy today and a healthy future.

Thank you for explaining that forgiveness does not equate to condoning behaviors and/or experiences. Thank you for giving me hope.

– Kathleen Wilson, Bowie, MD

Most weeks include a downloadable audio. Here are the 13 weekly practice guides:

Welcome To A New You! 5 Tips To Lock In Success From The Very Start.
Create a compelling future, schedule rewards that motivate you, become bulletproof to unwanted temptations, and create an “A” team of supporters to hold you accountable to your goals.
Get Shame, Blame And Guilt Out Of Your Closet.
Carrying shame, blame, or guilt can lead you to binge, starve yourself, eat in secret, or give up on your goals. It can make you too embarrassed to work out. Discover effective self-talk secrets that’ll lift these weights from your shoulders, and empower you to reach your goals in record time.
Be Bulletproof To Unsupportive Friends And Relatives (The Key Phrase That Frees You Once And For All!)
When you eat differently, do you get judged, criticized, or challenged by others? Are you afraid of being an oddball, being isolated or ridiculed? Discover how to maintain your relationships while staying on track with your health and fitness plan. Learn how to let other people’s criticism, disbelief and negativity roll off your back.
How To Keep Cravings From Getting The Best of You, And What To Do Instead Of Eating.
Do you get hungry between meals, crave unhealthy sweets and fats, or give into late night snacking? Learn to distinguish your emotional cravings from your body’s need for fuel. Then you can unlearn the habit of using food for comfort, stop being vulnerable to cravings, and stick with your food and fitness plan.
Half-Way There: Recognize The Signposts Of Success, Tips To Adjust And Increase Your Results.
Now it’s time to list the progress you’ve made so far, identify what processes and strategies are working for you, and what you need to do differently. Then you can identify the fastest route to your goals and plan new rewards.
When Self-Sabotage Hits: How To Meet It Head On And Win.
Does the smell of fresh baked bread sabotage your willpower? Do you get discouraged when a weekend off puts ALL the weight back on… or worse, when you stick to your diet and see no results? Learn how to forgive yourself and get back on track after slipping up.  Learn to overcome limiting beliefs that sabotage your resolution to be healthy.
Be At Choice; Learn To Say No With Love.
When you’re a guest in someone else’s home, do you eat unhealthy foods just to be polite? When your family demands that you make separate (unhealthy) meals for them, does it feel like a “no win” situation? Learn to say “No” lovingly and without guilt. Learn to put yourself first and feel good about it.
Overcome Stress At Home And Work.
When you’re stressed, worried, or upset, it’s normal to turn to unhealthy food for comfort, solace, or company. Comfort food pacifies your emotions, and helps you feel included and “normal”.  Discover how to stay calm and grounded in the face of emotional turbulence, so stress never drives you to binge or break down.
Refocus Your Intention: Building Confidence In The New You.
Do you feel insecure without your favorite foods? Does having an imperfect body make you feel self-conscious or insecure? Does eating differently? Learn to build your self esteem and radiate self confidence.
Gratitude: Your Lifelong Companion For Keeping What You Have and Getting More.
When you feel unsatisfied, helpless, or sorry for yourself, you turn to food for comfort. Learn to replace negative thoughts with gratitude and shift from a “lack” mentality to an abundance mentality. Once you appreciate how good you have it, you won’t fall victim to emotional eating anymore.
New Beginnings: Anchoring Lifestyle Changes With New Goals, Continued Confidence And Celebration!
Learn to continue your new habits and remain powerful for the rest of your life.

Who Designed Willpower Made Easy?

Dr. Felicia Williams has a PhD in Psychology. For over 20 years, she’s been helping single women build lasting primary relationships, and helping couples create passion, communication and joy. She has a lifetime of experience with weight loss and different food and exercise plans, including years as a vegetarian. So she understands firsthand the feelings and emotional struggles that come with wanting to look good, feel good and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.


Companion Product #2: “Fit Forever In 30 Minutes”…

Most people do the same routine every time they exercise. What’s wrong with that?

When you flex the same muscles the same way every time you workout, your body recognizes it as a “routine”. It becomes more efficient and hits a plateau. So you see diminished returns.

By contrast, when you challenge your body with different exercises each week, you burn more calories and get more overall benefit. That’s why we created “Fit Forever In 30 Minutes”.

Each week for the first four weeks, this series of fitness videos shows you a new exercise circuit. You'll get password access to watch them online. After the first four weeks, you can rotate through those four circuits.


Who designed these fitness routines?

These routines were designed by Maria Stevens, a Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Lifestyle Weight Management Coach. Maria rode for a Division One school and went to the U.S. national team for a year.

However, due to incorrect form, she suffered from three herniated disks and had back surgery and knee surgery.

Because of this, she has a complete understanding of what it takes to protect your joints. She’s uniquely qualified to teach you how to get toned and strengthen your bones and core muscles SAFELY, so you don’t injure yourself.

You’ll be shown all of the common mistakes people make, and how to avoid them. For example, many people do pushups poorly. So Maria shows you how to rest your weight on your knees instead of your feet.

Maria doesn’t just demonstrate the exercises, leaving you to your own devices. Each week, she does the first set together with you. At the end of each video, you can replay it to watch her while doing your second or third set. You’ll also get to see each exercise from two different camera angles.


"A true teacher who treats her students like adults."

“As a dancer/teacher and body worker, I find most exercise videos at best annoying, or worse ill-informed and downright dangerous. What a relief to find your trainer, Maria. In short, an athlete – not a grinning, hopped-up cheerleader. I love her reserve. She has something worthy to impart and compromises neither her message nor herself. A true teacher who treats her students like adults.

Your psychologist is equally impressive. No nonsense but compassionate. Her personal history is a huge plus. One does get tired of skinny people giving advice on overeating. It helps to have been there.”

Chris Dahl, Fort Jones CA

Once You Get The Hang Of It, Cooking And
Eating This Way Becomes Second Nature!

Eager to get started? You can click here now to skip the frequently asked questions.

Do I have to eat this way forever?

See answer

Will this be very time consuming?

See answer

What if I like to eat animal foods like meat, cheese, and eggs?

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What kitchen equipment will I need?

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How many calories will I get each day?

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What’s wrong with gluten?

See answer

With Raw Rejuvenation, you get into the habit of eating nutritious raw foods you can buy locally. So it’s sustainable and affordable. It empowers you to make a permanent lifestyle change... replacing sugary, high fat foods and white flour products with nourishing whole foods that fill you up and rejuvenate your cells with fewer calories.

Our downloadable Raw Rejuvenation program normally costs $69. If you want password access to the companion products too (Willpower Made Easy and the 4 fat-melting, bone-strengthening fitness videos), the whole bundle normally costs $139.

But during this brief marketing test, you can take 30% off either package!

And if you’re among the next 100 customers, you’ll also receive the following Super bonuses (which are downloadable from our membership site).


Super Bonus #1: Oil-Free Salad Dressings That’ll Wow Your Taste Buds

Most salads dressings are made with oil. What’s wrong with that? Oil isn’t a whole food. It has no fiber, and far fewer vitamins and minerals than the food it comes from. Most of the dressings in this ebook have no fat at all. And the rest get their creamy texture from ingredients like avocados, tahini, and tofu. Here are the recipes:

Super Bonus #2: Your Body's Secret Language

Discover the six traps that sabotage you physically, emotionally and spiritually. Learn to break free, love yourself, be grateful, and in the process, transform your relationship to food, your scale, and your body. Transform your self image so you can stick with your healthy commitments and have a body you love forever. The author Laura personally lost 100+ pounds and overcame multiple addictions including compulsive eating, bulimia and alcoholism.

Super Bonus #3: End Food Cravings by Changing Your Thoughts

If you continually give into cravings, you could be reacting emotionally to the stresses around you. In this report by Dr. Rubino, you'll learn how to recognize your addictive habits and replace them with new, empowering ones. You'll also learn the 10 Steps for expanding gratitude, shifting your reactive nature, and managing your commitments powerfully!

Super Bonus #4: How To Overcome Emotional Eating

Studies show that holding onto past hurt and resentment leads to stress, weight gain, and even illness. It weighs you down, zaps your drive and willpower, and leads to emotional eating and binging. With Dr. Williams 3-step formula, you can let go of its emotional and physical hold on you. You can release the buried feelings that lead to emotional eating and binging.

Super Bonus #5: What’s Wrong With Gluten?

Why have so many people become sensitive to gluten? Why does eating gluten make it hard to lose weight? How does gluten irritate your gut, and what are the resulting symptoms? For how long should you eliminate gluten to see if your symptoms go away? Dr. Loscalzo reveals the answer to these troubling questions.


Super Bonus #6: Healthy Commitment Toolkit

This life-saving toolkit guides you in creating three tools. First, you and a supportive friend/relative will sign a Commitment Letter, making you accountable to someone else. Next you’ll write down the reasons WHY you want to get fit, turn these into powerful affirmations, and place them on a Motivation Poster next to an inspiring picture of the “future you”. Last, you’ll prepare yourself for cravings before they show up – with a Craving Survival Card -- so you’ll be ready and able to overcome them easily!

Super Bonus #7: Sports Nutrition Secrets

What should you eat before, during, and after exercise? How can you get an energy boost without feeling heavy or tired? Do you need to load up on protein afterwards? Why do athletes “hit the wall”, and how can you prevent it? This is a transcript of a 1-hour phone call with Dr. Rick Dina, a chiropractor and former marathon runner.


Your 30 Day Risk-Free Guarantee

Don't decide now. Take 30 days to the menu plans, grocery lists, recipes, and "make ahead" lists -- along with all of the fitness videos and the first five Willpower Made Easy practice guides. 

If you don't love the meals and feel leaner and more energetic within 30 days….

1. Just contact us for a prompt 100% refund. Our email address is customercare@veghealth.com and our phone is 510-402-6516.

2. The menu plans, grocery lists, recipes, and Willpower practice guides you've already downloaded are yours to keep!

3. The Super bonuses you’ve downloaded are also yours to keep. That's a guaranteed gain no matter what you decide!

As you can see, you can only come out ahead!

Reasons Why You'll Feel More Energetic Each Day

  1. You’ll feel great because the foods in each meal complement each other in taste, presentation, and nutrition. Treating yourself to nourishing home-made meals is a way of loving yourself. And when you’re healthy and vibrant, it's natural to feel better about yourself.

  2. You’ll thrive on healthy fats. Our recipes include small amounts of healthy fats like almonds and pumpkin seeds. They also feature chia seeds, which have fantastic Omega 6:3 ratios. Only 23-28% of each day's calories come from fat. There are NO deep fried foods, margarine, trans fats, or OILS with poor Omega 6:3 ratios. 

  3. You’ll enjoy enhanced energy and concentration. Have you ever felt tired after a meal? Part of the problem was too much fat. Too much fat also clogs your bloodstream, which can lead to blood sugar problems. Our low-fat meals save you from feeling tired. And nutrient-dense raw foods will supercharge your health.

  4. You may enjoy unexpected health benefits. If you have low energy, fatigue, brain fog, skin rashes, numbness in the extremities, fibromyalgia, muscle or joint pain, you could be allergic to gluten, soy, or dairy, and not realize it.

Here’s the bottom line. You could keep doing what you’ve always done, and remain tired, worn out, and burdened by chronic health problems.

You could also try eating healthier without our step-by-step "done for you" program. But why make it hard on yourself?

Our menu plans, recipes, and grocery lists make it super easy. Raw Rejuvenation will turn you into a kitchen wiz who can quickly season, slice, and dice raw foods into mouth-watering meals. Best of all, you can only come out ahead.

Best case, you love the program and feel leaner and more vibrant. Worst case, you get your money back, keep the bonuses, and benefit from Dr. Williams' life-changing Willpower strategies for years to come. 



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