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Vegetarian Health Institute - Discover How to Thrive on a Plant Based Diet and Stop Being Vulnerable to Deficiencies
“What are the two most common pitfalls of the raw food diet?”

Tasting Peanut Butter Royalty Free Stock PhotoGoing “raw” means giving up whole grains, pasta and flour products, along with cooked root vegetables like potatoes and squashes. Most raw fooders replace these carbs with raw fats (such as avocados, nuts, seeds, almond butter and oil). Ironically, many wind up eating more fat – and more oil – than people who eat meat and potatoes! This raises some questions…

  •  Doesn’t a high fat diet put you at risk for heart disease and diabetes?
  •  Are raw fats somehow safer?
  •  What can we learn from studies by Dr. Dean Ornish and Dr. Neal Barnard?

Healthy eating - fat woman with grapes Stock Photo - 17657376On the other extreme, some raw fooders turn to fruit for most of their calories. This also raises questions…

  • Is too much fructose bad for you?
  • Does eating too much fruit cause diabetes or dental problems?
  • Do the cautions we’ve heard about “bad carbs” apply to fruit?

To address these questions, and help you stay healthy on a raw food diet, we contracted Dr. Rick Dina to write a raw food lesson for our Vegan Mastery Program.  Normally, this invaluable lesson is only available to our paying students. But for a limited time, half of this lesson is free when you sign up to receive our 10-day email course on Raw Health Secrets.

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"What Are The Dangers Of Eating Too Much Fat Or Fruit?" By Dr. Rick Dina

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Dr. Rick Dina has been studying and practicing raw food vegan nutrition since 1987.  His experience includes working at Hippocrates Health Institute, as a fasting practitioner, and teaching at Bastyr University. After 10 years in private practice, he now teaches The Science of Raw Food Nutrition at The Living Light Culinary Arts Institute.  

If you’re 100% raw, or aspiring to be, this information will be a Godsend. It addresses the most common misconceptions about the raw food diet.


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