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After watching this video, post a comment letting us know which woman’s story resonates with you most and why – Lanette’s, Lisa’s, or Kim’s. Then describe your vision for yourself. Once you’ve returned to your natural body weight, what will be possible for you?
How will you life be better? Later this week, we’ll give a $150 gift certificate to whoever posts the most inspiring vision.

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  1. I have struggled with my weight my whole life. This could be the miracle I’ve been looking for. Thanks for the information you have shared. It gives me hope for a permanent change.

    Brenda | | Reply

  2. thank you so much for this info, now that i am a gramma I want to be able to play with my granchildren and set a good example to them for them as eating healthy foods

    lena | | Reply

  3. I thought all 3 videos were very inspiring. I am 62 and have been trying to eat more vegetarian with no directions. Now that I have found you, I have my direction. All 3 of the ladies showed a lot of courage sharing their stories.

    Deana | | Reply

  4. hi deana I have been vegetarian for 20 years and vegan for 3 and I too learned new things thank you for the comment and i hope you do well in your new lifestyle.

    lena | | Reply

  5. All 3 videos were inspiring and informative. I felt that Lisa’s story was the one that really touched me the most. I can easily empathize with her low self esteem and her struggle. I have been doing some research on my own about more healthy eating and getting away from meats and processed foods trying to find how I could best do this for myself. Thank you so much for all of this information.

    Dianne | | Reply

  6. i can relate with Lisa myself i first became a vegetarian 20 years ago for the wrong reasons I was in an abusive marriage and I thot if i got thin he would love me more so that’s what i did and of course the low self esteem got worse, any way now im back to a healthy me and i do continue to be vegetarian now for good reasons ”the grankids” i love being this way and i enjoy sharing it with people around me

    lena | | Reply

  7. I could so identify with Kim. Her thoughts, her feelings…they all resonated with me. I’m 55, too, and feel powerless to shed the weight which keeps creeping back after dieting. I’m sick of it and tired of the big baggy clothes I wear to hide the spare tire. It’s hard to keep sucking in your tummy. After a while, it wants to flop out again! :-) I want to be and feel energised and young and sexy like I used to be!

    I want to be 25 kgs lighter, lose the pains in my joints and back, lower the cholesterol levels, and the constant tiredness and sense of “What’s the point?” And I would LOVE for my gray hair to go dark again, if possible! I want a new life and want to get off diets completely.

    Thanks so much for sharing your stories, ladies and congratulations on your half-marathon medal, Kim! Well deserved!

    Cori Sanders | | Reply

  8. I relate mostly to Kim – body shape, age, her descriptions. I want to be the real me that has been hidden for some time. I feel especially motivated after listening to the call with Dr. Williams regarding forgiveness. I have been continually forgiving for the past six years but Dr. Williams nailed it for me. I had not been (because I did not know) releasing the emotions connected with forgiving others and myself. I did what she said – I stopped and answered the questions and explored the emotions and felt release and was able to breathe. The breakthrough I experienced, I believe, is taking me to a whole new level to being free from the bondage of emotions, eating healthy and exercising for life, rather than a “diet” or means to an end numbers-wise. So, I feel like I am beginning the path like Kim has so succinctly expressed, because I am free of the emotional trauma and damage because “I release[ed] the weight of all suffering.” I can find the real me because I am free from the prison of shame, regret, and pain. HalleluYah!

    All the best!

    Laureen : )

    Laureen | | Reply

  9. I am not surprised by what they had to say I am astonished because I can relate to all three women. I have had the symptoms along with the feelings of hate and disappointment.I gained more weight after having my son and I took this i don’t care attitude. If a person don’t like me the way I am too bad. When all along secretly I did not like myself. Watching them talk about pain in the knees no energy that is me. I was diagnosed with sleep apnea and have a varicose veins problem and they hurt and make my feet swell. I am very inspired by what they had to say and I am making small changes by drinking green smoothies and it has been cutting my sugar cravings. Seeing the women just made me more aware of how serious this is for life long health and that is something I will incorporate and pass on to my family. Thanks for the video. Having the truth and not have to always pay for something is the best!!!!

    Tina | | Reply

  10. About 3 weeks ago I switched from a vegetarian to vegan diet. I had gained 20 pounds in a very short time because of a cholester-lowering drug. It was hard to get that weight off, even with exercising.

    Once I changed to Vegan the weight came off in such a short time. Testing for cholesterol levels is high still (408 HDL, 324 LDL), but am confident that the vegan diet will brings the numbers down over time.

    thank you for the wonderful videos… and it’s all true… going vegan doesn’t mean we’ll be deprived, just gain a better life.

    flo | | Reply

  11. I look forward to switching to this diet for my own health. I have cronic illnesses in which I need to take a lot of medication. I need to get off these medications and get back to having a normal life. Thank you for your book with lots of information that gives me HOPE.

    Maria B. Suarez | | Reply

  12. Even though I can resonate with each woman’s story, Kim’s life change comes closest. It is very difficult to live & be invisible. I too, was a head turner and now being shunned & ignored is causing me unbearable emotional pain. I also concur with the three women that it is my responsibility to make the change. Now at 55 years I am faced with a moment of truth of getting the leverage with myself to get started and daily make positive dietary choices! My vision is to let go of 110lbs and rebuild my life as a “head turner!”

    Debbie | | Reply

  13. I can relate with Lisa the most,with the low self-esteem. I seem to blame my weight on everything,but myself. I have high blood pressure, high cholestrol and I have IBS. I need to take action for myself and a plant based way of life sounds perfect for me. I want to be able to keep up with my 13 year old grandson,that I’m raising. He has all these sport activities and I want to be a supportitive grandmother,I’m so sick and tired of being sick and tired. I want be able to feel good about myself again,be able to walk up the stairs without holding on for dear life. I just want to live again.

    Renee | | Reply

  14. I relate mostly to Lisa as I am also 100 lbs overweight and have struggled all my life to try to get it off…and have multiple physical problems, too.I pray this program provides me with the answers I have been searching for.

    Carmen | | Reply

  15. Like Lisa I have high blood pressure and weight was not a problem until later in my life. I had always been active and I eat healthier than 80% of the people I know. I think stress has played a huge factor. I now have several allergies which include wheat and soy. I also eat gluten free. I have just recently become curious about going more raw as I have knee problems(like Lisa did) and am tired of the expense of so many supplements. I want to be petite and super energetic again!

    Lindy | | Reply

  16. I already am mostly vegetarian and want to make the switch to vegan and stop the junk. Unfortunately I eat too much junk — its vegetarian but its still junk. Thank you so much for the videos. Ladies you are awesome.

    Carolyn | | Reply

  17. I feel like food is my life. I have been a vegetarian for 15 years and am almost vegan. However, my husband who has had heart surgery at 40 and stage 3 colorectal cancer at 50 and my eight children can’t seem to get away from the SAD diet. I work hard and am super motivated but I get discouraged trying to keep up with healthy foods . I also work with so many women who are falling apart, even in their 30′s. It is heart wrenching. My vision is to grow and help people make this eating a lifestyle that changes the health of generations to come.

    Jennifer Brost | | Reply

  18. I relate to Kim. 2 years ago I decided it was now or never. I turned 56, the same age mom was when she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. She never saw 57. I just had to do something. I changed my diet. I started exercising. I started researching healthy life styles and habits. I lost 75 pounds and also ran a half marathon and am training for another one now. The main thing I did with my diet was cutting out junk, fast food and cut way down on meat. I’ve thought about going completely vegetarian after seeing a video on Dr. Campbels China Study. But sense then, I keep hearing people like Dr. Axe and JJ Virgin say that you need to eat meat. I get so confused.

    Resa | | Reply

  19. All of the ladies interviews were great, but Lisa resonated with me the most. I love her honesty and the way that she talked about “owning” what she had done to her body. I’ve decided to take control of my health and have started jogging, yoga and eating a vegan diet. I do need to expand my recipe portfolio though! I can’t wait until Christmas, when I will be much healthier, fitter and happier – enjoying time with my family and friends, free of the guilt and chains of emotional eating.

    Ali | | Reply

  20. Lisa resonated with me for several reasons. First, I can relate to her compulsive binging as this is something that I have done – binging on potato chips/doritos/cheetos/cookies . . . you name it. I feel so depressed and sick once I’ve finished and I continually beat myself up over it, which does not help. I am getting to the point where I have to take responsibility but its hard when you have a mom who lets you know that its your fault you are on insulin! (Been diabetic for 20 yrs, diagnosed at age 28)How good does that make me feel? It makes me BINGE! I crave carbs so much at times that it definitely feels like an addiction. I’ve looked at many diet plans, etc. and most of them continue to use dairy, meat, sugar substitutes and other things that are bad for the body. When I get my new body, I am going on a personal mission to educate the population – especially African Americans, that we do not have to live with the instances of disease that are ravaging this country. The U.S. should be ashamed of all the chemicals and pesticides in our foods – the only want to combat it is through a radical switch in belief about diet and exercise – I’m willing to change and I know others are as well and I want to help others.

    Sandra | | Reply

  21. I most identify with Kim because she is my age and I have some of the same problems such as the fat stomach and wanting to cover and hide. I liked the idea of the grey turning dark again. The only difference is I have always had a weight problem.

    Rose | | Reply

  22. All three stories were good. Kim’s story comes closest to mine. I am 62 years of age, a young 62 I might add. Four years ago I had cancer with chemotherapy and had a very hard time going through the whole process. Before the cancer I was active and of average health but noticed I was starting to gain weight. Well I figured I could just increase my activity level and everything would be fine. Wrong! Then I got cancer and, yes, I became a skinny lady, the hard way. After my treatment ended I was so malnourished and hungry from not being able to eat during chemotherapy that I devoured everything I could get my hands on. Within a year after my cancer treatment I had gained back my weight and continued to gain. Chemo left me with some disability and an unhealthy body. I was trying to eat properly but was not improving to my former self. So this year in July, after four years of struggling to lose weight, I decided to look into vegetarian, vegan and raw eating. After doing lots of research each and every day I knew that raw vegan with some cooking was the way I wanted to go. So the vision now for myself is to return to the vibrant, healthy woman I use to be. What will be possible for me again? I will be able to say, cancer is not going to ever invade this body again because now I am eating the best diet for prevention of cancer or any other disease. I will walk as far and fast as I use to and maybe I will even be able to play tennis again. And I will be proud of how I achieved my new body and will be able to wear my clothes and be the lovely women I use to be inside and out. Life will be healthy and happy for me and everyone will know how I became my old self because I will tell them! I must thank your website for providing the way back through all of the provided information and your mastery program which I am now taking. This program will help me to better understand how to eat whole foods and enable me to maintain a proper weight and healthy body. I still need to lose some more weight but I am already basically pain free and noticing more positive improvements every day. Whole foods are awesome!

    Anonymous | | Reply

  23. I could relate most strongly with Lisa. I too need to lose 100 lbs and have felt the shame of being “too big”. Worse yet, through my unhealthy eating habits I have raised 2 children who also have weight issues. Like Lisa, I need to get on track, lose the weight and recover my Joy and sexuality.

    Vivian | | Reply

  24. Hi,
    First, let me thank you for these beautiful women sharing their experiences. All 3 women were very inspiring.

    Lisa for her open heart about all the problems related to a wrong way of eating, but mostly for Kim as I can relate to the old age part in ‘that’s the way it’s suppose to be’wrong way of thinking & for her genuine enthusiasm about her whole life and lastly for Lanette for her courage to change her way of eating.

    For me, as a long time vegetarian-30 years- I can say that it’s mostly the getting older part that affected me & so became overweight & did not care about myself enough. Even being a regular meditator, I did not make my eating a conscious act of being alive & well & of love for myself.

    So this video made me realise how my thoughts(loving me), my words & my actions(eating & doing) have to match in a loveful way if I want to be conscious & in good physical, mental & spiritual health.

    Forever grateful,

    Johanne | | Reply

  25. THANK GOD FOR THIS!! I have an appointment tomorrow to discuss cardiac heart disease and possible bypass surgery after having a catheterization last week. I appreciate all of these testimonies and have much respect for each of them, I so identify with Kim. I am a twice cancer survivor, with hypothyroidism and high cholesterol and I have been over weight for 26 years and I am sad, angry and have felt defeated. Hearing these ladies triumphs had me throw away food that at this moment I know I no longer can eat. My family is staring at me as I type now, wondering what? This past week has been one of fear, tears, resignation but today it is hope – hope for a future of living a better life with health, wholeness and strength. Wake up heart, you are going to make it!! .

    Jacki | | Reply

  26. i have gained weight because of illness an i cant exercise as i want too. i try toeat right because of my ilness i cant have certain foods.

    brenda | | Reply

  27. Thank you for the inspiring videos. I have real people who have changed to a plant based diet and changed their relationship with their bodies and weight. I, too, have been searching and struggling with over 100lbs to lose. I start and stop and then give up. I have done that so many times and felt so hopeless. I’ve suffered indignities from my weight too – like struggling to fit in an airline seat with the arm rest down while seat mates are looking at you with disdain/anger/disgust. It feels hopeless, but these courageous women have turned the tide, and may be I can, too. Thanks!

    Wanda | | Reply

  28. I have been like a yo-yo with my weight my entire life. I am sick all the time with processed foods and I am never full. Thank you so much for your information it has been super inspiring!!

    Shaelynn | | Reply

  29. I too, have been a “head turner” up to the age of 50yo when I was sexually assaulted and then put on weight because of emotional eating. Now I am being shunned & ignored so this is causing me much emotional pain. I know it is my responsibility to make changes in my life. I need to let go of the 20lbs and rebuild my life as the “head turner” I used to be!

    Lynette | | Reply

  30. I can completely relate to Kim! I just turned 55 years old. I’ve spent the last year fighting breast cancer, and after 3 surgeries, 6 months of chemotherapy and 6 weeks of radiation, I am exhausted, overweight, and overwhelmed. I’ve been looking for a healthy way to lose weight and reclaim my life and eating a whole foods diet seems perfect! My fiancé and I plan to get married next spring and I SO want to look and feel beautiful and healthy as I walk down the aisle. Kim’s story is a true inspiration!

    DebraLynn | | Reply

  31. I can relate to all of the women, because I have struggle with my weight for 19 years and I have develop diabetes and, sometimes I just eat when I am not hungray, when I know that I need to eat healthy foods.

    betty | | Reply

  32. I have downloaded the book just now. Let me first read and apply the instructions into practice. I shall revert to this page within a week or so.

    KS Khurana | | Reply

  33. I am 62, a vegetarian for over 30 years. However I was eating dairy and sweets and refined products. Since switching to a whole-foods, plants-based diets after watching “Forks over Knives” I have dropped about 15 pounds in about 2 months, I have also started exercising regularly, moods have become mnore stable and there are no longer heartburn issues, circulatory bothers, etc. I am still researching meal plans, supplement issues, studying organic, vs, regular, etc. But all health issues are improving.

    Andrew Kibedi | | Reply

  34. Great information. I need to loose at least 40 lbs, and I will use this information to do just that.
    Thanks again

    ann | | Reply

  35. WoW! Kim’s story completely resonates with me. I had been young, healthy and fit. I am now 47 with an extra 20-25 lbs hanging around my middle. Today I just saw a photo of myself taken last weekend and I thought, “what has happened to me?” I never thought I would be one “those” people that gained weight as they aged because I have always been active and into fitness. I would really like to feel better about myself and I am so inspired by Kim. Thank you for sharing your stories Ladies.

    Ema | | Reply

  36. What a sweet,deep,moving talk this was! Being fat,overweight and depressed (even on subtle levels) creates a dark transparent veneer over our perceptions of life…The world on the outside is toxic enough without having the very cells of our bodies, ALSO, toxic. It all reinforces shame, low self-esteem and a deep sadness that can drive one to more toxic food! I know because I was there…until in 1970 when I learned about the whole food plant-based diet…I am so thrilled that you are teaching these materials in such a clear, understandable way!

    Sheilah Renaud | | Reply

  37. I totally relate to Kim’s story. Although my weight gain was due to an almost life-long digestive issue (parasites) that flared up about 5 years ago, prevented me from eating (set my body into starvation mode), depleted me nutritionally despite eating super healthy (the parasites take everything nutritious and leave you the rest…fat), and threw 100 lbs. on my body in less than 9 months, the timing (my age) and results (fat!) left me feeling a lot like Kim. My body’s set point is now at a high weight and every time I eat nutrient-dense foods, the parasites come back…so I’m dealing with a rather unusual situation, but I just keep doing parasite cleanses. When they are gone, my body is able to get what it needs and if I can keep rid of the parasites long enough for my body to belief it’s safe to lose weight I’ll drop 5 lbs at a time. At this rate, it may take awhile, but I totally understand and agree with the need to eat natural, whole, live, nutrient-dense foods. Everyone needs that, but I probably need it even more than the average person because of the nutritional depletion that keeps happening. I’ve tried eating like this and it’s super expensive ($300-$400/week in groceries) and time consuming (2 hours prep per meal), but I believe it’s possible to do it inexpensively and quickly to fit my budget and schedule. I am hoping to find some delicious, quick recipes…does this site have them?

    jody | | Reply

  38. As an aging woman of 47, I can relate to all of these wonderful and inspirational women. I’ve been born and raised in Kansas, a very beef loving state. I, however, have never been interested in eating animal flesh and was always scarfing on the fruits, veggies and sides. My goal is to learn to help low income families to eat better, especially helping the young. My intention to help them to get more for their money, concerning quantity, as well as quality. I hope to change the current belief regarding weigh issues, and help others focus on the actual change of their diet, with the wonderful side effect of weight loss. Additionally, I believe that we should focus on what we positively think and believe about ourselves and brush aside the shallow and rude perceptions of others. We are all beautiful, inside and out! Our only concern should be our health and the health of our loved ones. The rest of the world, especially those that have unkind comments, can eat a bag of chips! lol

    Deb | | Reply

  39. I really identified with Lisa. I remember the shame when someone would say, “oh…when are you due?” and I wasn’t pregnant either time this happened. I am 5′ 4″ and weighed about 220 lbs. Since then I’ve tried to eat more whole foods and learning as much as I can about the optimum diet. It’s a process but I’ve lost about 35 lbs. and have about 35 more to go. These videos inspire me to eat more vegetarian foods.

    Gloria | | Reply

  40. Thanks so much for your efforts in bringing these vids to us. Finally, there is true hope to wellness. I have tried a lot of weight loss products and methods including going Raw foods, but cannot sustain this.

    Sam | | Reply

  41. I appreciate all 3 stories I am trying to eat a plant based diet. Shouldn’t we be promoting veganism rather than vegetarianism? Dairy is very fattening and clogging to the colon, not to mention very cruel to the animals. [animal: from the Lain Anima: meaning soul] I find it hard to be healthy while consuming food that is filled with terror, depression and fear. True health invovles more than just calories, it includes WHERE those calories come from!

    cher laughlin | | Reply

  42. I related to Lanette’s story the most. I have always had low self esteem, but it gets worse when I gain weight. Right now, I am close to the heaviest I have ever been and I am miserable. I feel sick all the time and can’t stand it. I have gone to the doctor’s many times and they can’t find anything wrong with me. I really think it’s from the foods I eat. I did stop eating meat a few years ago, but I haven’t been able to give up the quick, easy processed foods. I always feel better after a meal that is whole foods, I just can’t seem to get fully committed to changing my ways. I really believe that this is the way to improve my health, I just don’t know where to start and what steps I need to take for success. I would love to see the success these 3 women had and hope I can get there!

    Jill B. | | Reply

  43. I understand that for most it was their weight but for me it has been about digestion and intestinal health. Dairy was the main culprit and it seems that everything had dairy in it or eggs. My gastroentrologist found pre-cancerous polyps and recommend years ago that I limit beef, pork, and chicken, and to add 6 FiberCon tablets everyday to my diet. Now, I learning to add the fiber naturally and I finally feel that full feeling I like without risking my health and using lots of process foods. So, those videos confirmed my suspicions that a plant based diet would work and give me lots of satisfaction. I would love to learn more and become committed as the other grandmoms on the videos gave testimony.

    Mardella | | Reply

  44. Keep up the green smoothies Tina and I am sure you will succeed, just stay positive and keep you personal always in you mind as you will be surprised at how fast you reach them. :-)


    Jennifer Boyd | | Reply

  45. Thanks Laureen, feel free to post anything positive that you achieve while making your changes!!! Good luck.


    Jennifer Boyd | | Reply

  46. Hi Maria, I am quite sure that if you do switch you can begin to remove the medications you are on. Sometimes it is helpful to see a Naturopath to aid you in the process. :-)

    Good luck!!


    Jennifer Boyd | | Reply

  47. Hi Debbie, just having the want puts you 1/2 way there. Good luck, you can do it!!


    Jennifer Boyd | | Reply

  48. That is awesome Ali, feel free to post any inspirational things as you are making the changes!! All the positive messages help. :-)


    Jennifer Boyd | | Reply

  49. You go girl!!! I can hear the strength and energy in your message which tells me you will likely be very successful at changing your previous ways. You will be amazed at how quickly the cravings go away when eating a healthy plant based diet!!! Post you positive results as you achieve them. :-)

    Good luck and we look forward to hearing from you.


    Jennifer Boyd | | Reply

  50. Hi Rose, it only starts with you trying to change your diet to a plant based diet as well as changing your mind about your body. If you can succeed one day, then you can succeed two, then three, then more and more you just have to begin. Give it a shot and post your progress!!

    Good luck.


    Jennifer Boyd | | Reply

  51. Hi Anonymous, thank you so much for your inspirational story it is amazing!! Please post your progress as you continue to make the healthy changes and experience the multiple benefits!!! You are an absolute inspiration and always encourage others to take charge of their own health through diet and exercise, not to mention positive thought!!! Good for you, I look forward to reading your posts in the future. :-)


    Jennifer Boyd | | Reply

  52. Hi Vivian, you have completed the hardest step of all which is simply the recognition that you have been doing things not quite right!!! You will definitely do well as you truly care about the future of your children’s health!!

    Good luck and I hope to hear your positive steps towards the change you desire!!


    Jennifer Boyd | | Reply

  53. Good luck Johanne and please post your positive progress as you achieve it!!! :-)


    Jennifer Boyd | | Reply

  54. Hi Jacki, I truly hope you will make the changes!!! The body is an amazing tool and if you make the changes immediately I think you can get out of the red zone regarding your health!!! Please post your positive progress. :-)


    Jennifer Boyd | | Reply

  55. Can you eat a plant based diet?? Can you swim or do yoga or walk?? Let me know. :-)


    Jennifer Boyd | | Reply

  56. Go for it Wanda, you can start with day one then go to two then three on so on!!! If you can change the way you think about it, you can very likely overcome all the previous mind sets which held you back. Good luck and please post your positive progress. :-)


    Jennifer Boyd | | Reply

  57. Thanks Sheilah, feel free to post any positive thoughts on your way of life any time. Peoples stories can really help inspire. :-)


    Jennifer Boyd | | Reply

  58. Thank you for the inspiring videos. I have real people who have changed to a vegitarian diet and changed their relationship with their bodies and weight. My,husband too, have been searching and struggling with over 50lbs to lose. I start and stop and then give up. I have done that so many times and felt so hopeless. I’ve suffered indignities from his weight too – like struggling to fit in an train seat with the arm rest down while seat mates are looking at you with disgust. It feels hopeless, but these courageous women have turned the tide, and may be I can, too. Thanks!

    Sumathi | | Reply

  59. Wow,the videos were extreamly inspiring,and came at the right now,because I have been trying once again to lose weight and just gave up hope until I watched these videos,now I feel hope again.I have suffered being over weight by whole life,and dealing with many health issues,such as underactive thyroid,pcos,high blood pressure,fibro,and depression and anxeity and feel hopeless.just sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.I would relate myself to Lisa’s story,and close to her weight before she lost it.So,I am ready to try going vegaterian and hoping I get have a inspirationl ending like these lovley ladies did.

    Stephanie | | Reply

  60. I definitely relate more to Lisa. Not only are we about the same age, but I think she has a great sense of humour with just a dab of ‘naughtiness’. I definitely relate to her experiences and feelings the most. And she seems like a person with a beautiful heart and gentleness like my grandmother used to have. A beautiful lady all-round ;-)

    Martie | | Reply

  61. Hi Jody thanks for your story, if I could make a suggestion to you if you have not already seen a Naturopath I would strongly recommend it. If you are not able to see one, please google fasting for parasites or an intense cleanse for parasites as you need to rid your body of them forever. Let me know your thoughts. :-)


    Jennifer Boyd | | Reply

  62. Thanks Deb, I wish you luck and am sure you will inspire many to change their diets!!! Please post your positive progress. :-)


    Jennifer Boyd | | Reply

  63. You will surely succeed Gloria!! Congrats on the 35 you have already lost!! Post your progress!! :-)


    Jennifer Boyd | | Reply

  64. Thanks for your thoughts Cher. I do believe there is a vegan component to it but often it can be a large enough step for many to stop even eating meat. I have been a vegetarian for 18 years and am trying vegan eating because of the Vegetarian Health Institute. I just recently had a little voice inside tell me to try more vegan eating. So it truly is one’s path they must take themselves to hopefully discover the multiple benefits of vegan eating!! Keep your values while encouraging others to simply try it, even if that means one step at a time!! :-)


    Jennifer Boyd | | Reply

  65. Hi Jill thanks for sharing your story as I know it can be hard to admit how weak we can be. I say weak in one breath but absolute strength in another as you are amazingly strong and are completely capable of change due to the fact you have over come the hardest part!!! The admission that you are making bad choices!! Do you know it is just that??? A choice!! Food does not control you, you control it. How about looking at some inspirational writers like Louise Hay?? “You Can Heal Your Life”. Keep us posted at your progress, I am sure you can make changes. :-)


    Jennifer Boyd | | Reply

  66. Thanks Sumathi for your story!!! I am sure when you see others that have been where you are now, it is a true inspiration!! You know in your heart that if they can do it, so can you!! I do hope you and your husband are each others backbone to change. Keep us posted on your positive changes. :-)


    Jennifer Boyd | | Reply

  67. Good luck Stephanie!! I am sure with a whole food based diet you will eliminate many of your health conditions so do give a vegetarian diet at least 3 months if not a lifetime!! You will be amazed at how it will transform you body. :-)

    Post your positive results often.


    Jennifer Boyd | | Reply

  68. Hey Jody,
    You mentioned that eating healthy foods can be expensive and time consuming. You also asked where to find delicious recipes that are quick to make. The upcoming third video addresses both topics! You’ll discover a way to save lots of time, and also lower your weekly food bill. We’ll email you the link when it’s ready!

    trevor | | Reply

  69. All three stories were inspirational but Kim’s was the most motivating because she reveals that,no matter your age, you can improve the quality of your life through eating a plant based diet; not dieting. She also invalidates the excuse,”it runs in the family” is just that:an excuse. This life style change revamps your appearance, your confidence, your overall health and puts you back in touch with your body and your attitude about life.
    It is completely natural and reflrcts the vision I have for myself which is to reach and maintain the maximum health and energy level possible for me.

    Gerri Dillon | | Reply

  70. I can relate to all of them because I experienced EVERYTHING they experienced. Now that I’m not obese or sick I like to inspire others as they do. Amazing stories!!!

    Gabriela Fischer | | Reply

  71. Your video is VERY inspiring!!! I LOVE Dr. Fuhrman and his books encouraged me to become a Nutritarian.

    Soon after, the road to optimal health inspired me to create Fun Meals 4 Kids

    My son was inspired too and this is a video he made to educate other children

    Health & Happiness to All!!!

    Gabriela Fischer | | Reply

  72. Thanks to your tips, ideas and how to cook a healthier way, me and my family expect to take some pounds off and increase our health.

    Gloria | | Reply

  73. Lisa is my story. God Bless you Lisa!
    Here I am…not liking myself at all and giving in to being heavy for the rest of my life. Legs and back hurt all the time. I cannot stand or walk without having a lot of pain and sitting down after just a few minutes. Dreading going to the grocery store cause I have come up 4 flights of stairs to get into my apartment. Love the view but not the pain. I shop and bring home foods both good and bad for me, eat the bad 1st…all of it…then don’t want to touch the good much. So i get fast food. Heaven forbid there be any sweets or chips here cause i eat them all in a day or two. An embarrassment moment for me came on an airplane ride when i had to ask for a seat belt extension and when people didn’t want to sit by me. I get complacent.

    So what would my life be without all that? Free! Joyful, movement, actually liking to cook and making something taste good! Painfree. embarrassment free. really no cravings for sugar? Can that happen? I would sleep better. I have like 140 lbs to lose….for once and for all at age 55…this would be a dream come true…

    Thank you for bringing this video series to me.


    Annette | | Reply

  74. I have struggled with my weight since having my 6 children. I lost heaps when I went raw vegan 6 years ago then my husband passed away and I have struggled with my eating since then. The women in the video where so inspirational just the reminder I needed to keep trying and change my life forever.

    Tracey Mundy | | Reply

  75. I have struggled with my weight since having my 6 children. I lost heaps of weight and felt terrific when I went raw vegan 6 years ago, then my husband passed away and I just fell back into old comfort foods. The video was the inspiration I needed to realise that it can be done and kickstart me towards a healthier life forever.

    Tracey Mundy | | Reply

  76. I too, have struggled greatly my whole life with my weight. Currently I’m struggling with health issues and would like to be more healthy. This group of videos feels like HOPE.

    Nan | | Reply

  77. I love Lisa,s video and totally relate and resonate with it. In her video she touched on a lot of inner feelings and emotions I experience and have experienced. I have kept them to myself. I appreciate her putting herself out there like that. It gives me confidence to do the same and become more proactive.

    Jean | | Reply

  78. Hi, I really could understand what Lena,was saying about being a better Grandmother and eating better to be around longer for my grand kids.

    Tracey | | Reply

  79. I DEFINITELY related to Kim!! She hit the nail on the head sooooo many times! I too am used to being, looking, and feeling young and pretty and had NO problems ‘turning heads’!! My regular doctor said ‘you know you’re getting older…’,and ‘weight gain runs in the family’.. like that was the answer (I fired her!!) I am tired of wearing baggy stuff and I am so angry that I let this happen!!My naturopath told me that I needed to change my food choices, and that (yes) your hair color will/can revert back to its natural color with the right nutrition!! I can only hold my stomach in for so long…and daily exercise in my head does not provide the same benefits as ‘real’ exercise!! Please help! I need my energy and confidence back!!

    Arnette Rodgers | | Reply

  80. I can relate to Kim, she is telling my story except that i was always a thin “skinny” girl all my life. I could eat whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. Turning 50 and hitting menopause was such a startling experience. I gained 40lbs in one year. It is a true wake up call that i need to change my life style, not go on a diet that will only temporarily work. I have always been a believer that if you dont do it right the first time, when will you have time to do it right. So instead of trying all the fad diets, i want to change my life. I want to see the “skinny” girl again. I miss her!

    Susan | | Reply

  81. Hi I found myself relating most to Kim as I’m now 58 and seen the weight pile up around my midddle and have aches and pains which restrict aggresive exercise , I’m going to give this eating plan a go as I have about 21 lbs to loose to get trim and healthy .

    Angie | | Reply

  82. I had no idea when I did this video that it would resonate with anyone. In fact I was so uncomfortable with the process, I almost didn’t do it. Many thanks to all of you who found encouragement in my story. That makes it with it! I wish you all the best of health and happiness in your journey to a new and improved you. Please feel free to stay in touch with me via my blog:, or Facebook: I’d love to continue the conversation, and I think it’s important that we all encourage each other. Cheers! xo Kim

    Kim Miles | | Reply

  83. I would love to talk with flo on what she did for her weight. I have been vegetarian for 20 years and vegan for 3, when I became vegan I started to gain some weight back. could you give me some ideas?

    lena | | Reply

  84. Hello , I would love to thank you for giving us the opportunity to view your videos and for the information. I have had breast cancer 2004 and have been thro chemo & radiation, also had a heart attack 2009. I have bad fare ups with arithitis and desperately need to make a change . My Doctor has now prescribed me Morphine for my pain and My mind is really starting to mentally rebel the medication. I thank you for giving people like myself the motivation to change FOR THE BETTER. LOVE LYN WATKIN

    Lyn | | Reply

  85. so sorry to here about your struggles Lyn, I am so happy u overcame cancer I know with this new way of eating you will feel so much better and i will pray for you and cheer for you daily good job

    lena | | Reply

  86. I have a very difficult time with supplements, I am vegan and I feel if I take the supplements the products i don’t eat will be there through the supplements. what is some feedback on this?

    lena | | Reply

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