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Michael Klaper, MD
Michael Klaper, MD
(Q&A 10)

Lesson 9: The truth about Vitamin B-12.

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Do fermented soy products, amesake rice, or umeboshi prunes provide significant B12? What about the soil on unwashed veggies? Many foods reported as 'good B-12 sources' are tested with methods that measure B-12 analogues (which can cause B12 deficiency because they block the action of active B-12). Those methods give no accurate measure of the true B-12 content, nor whether the foods are dangerous from their analogue content. Stop being misled. Get definitive answers in this lesson.

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Erica Martell Reviewed on Tue Oct:28:2014:
Can you still get B12 from cows if they no longer eat grass, but grain? Seems like supplementation is the key here. Love like Dr. Klaper. He is a wonderful resource.
John Taylor Reviewed on Sun Jul:20:2014:
Wife and I have been vegan since 2000.
Took 9 years without supplements to show up B12 deficiency.
Found some brands of B12 supplements completely ineffective.
Deficiency showed up even with large overdosing of these supplements.
Tricia Reviewed on Tue Jul:08:2014:
An excellent interview! I enjoyed Dr. Klaper and found his advice down to earth and easily understood. Thank you.
Dorita Reviewed on Wed Jul:02:2014:
About the cows and other animals getting Vitamin B12 from the grass, etc. that they eat: they'll only have B12 if there is cobalt in the soil which is then taken up into the grass and thereafter into their flesh.
Pat Volk Reviewed on Tue Jul:01:2014:
Excellent quality audio. Great, credible information. Loved it.
Fran Reviewed on Tue Jun:24:2014:
If you're taking enough B12, can you still become anemic due to other deficiencies?

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