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Michael Klaper, MD
Michael Klaper, MD
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Lesson 9: The truth about Vitamin B-12.

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Do fermented soy products, amesake rice, or umeboshi prunes provide significant B12? What about the soil on unwashed veggies? Many foods reported as 'good B-12 sources' are tested with methods that measure B-12 analogues (which can cause B12 deficiency because they block the action of active B-12). Those methods give no accurate measure of the true B-12 content, nor whether the foods are dangerous from their analogue content. Stop being misled. Get definitive answers in this lesson.

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JerryLA Reviewed on Fri Jun:27:2014:
Yoghurt - prof. Jane Plant, CBE, eminent British scientist had breast cancer, multiple surgeries, chemo, and her tumors were getting worse. After chemo she was eating yoghurt for the probiotics. Hmm, why don\'t rural Chinese get breast cancer? They don\'t do dairy - she cut off all dairy, her tumors disappeared, that was a dozen years ago and she\'s doing fine. Milk helps fast growing cells grow.
Mike Maybury Reviewed on Thu Jun:26:2014:
I always prefer to read the information, rather than be committed to watching and listening to a video.
This I can do at my own pace, perhaps with other TV or radio also in the room. We can do one thing at once, but reading leaves us in control to stop, start and re-read as we go.
john taylor Reviewed on Wed Jun:18:2014:
Wife and I vegan since 2000
Took 9 years without supplements to show up B12 deficiency
Found some brands of B12 supplements completely ineffective-
deficiency showed up even with large overdosing. I personally have a early warning sign of B12 deficiency - an itch under the ball of my foot from a plant spine that entered in 1990. Drives me crazy until my B12 gets low, then it disappears-quite handy
Barbara Reviewed on Tue Jun:17:2014:
Excellent info but I would like to be able to read it as well!
Stephen Reviewed on Tue Jun:17:2014:
I am a proponent of confirming nutrient status by testing before considering supplementation. The standard tests for B12 are considered inaccurate. Axis-Shield has a new test approved in Europe that supposedly accurately measures B12. What is your opinion of the Axis-Shield test.
Marlyse Reviewed on Mon Jun:16:2014:
good debate but I wonder if there is some B12 in greek yoghurt ?

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